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    Hi, and thanks in advance for patience with me….
    I bought a Zed10fx primarily as an interface for my mac, and want to be able to use Jamulus.

    Everything works out of the box. BUT – I’m trying to be able to listen to ONLY the return from USB. This is because with Jamulus and other online jam-sharing collaboration audio tools, latency is an issue. SO, everyone recommends NOT listening to your local signal, and listening ONLY to the return USB signal as you play along with other musicians.

    I’ve been trying to isolate this USB in headphones, either through the headphone jack onboard, or running through the XLR Main outs into a separate headphone amp. I still hear myself locally as well as USB return.

    Speaking in the language of a complete knucklehead, how would you recommend I set my board? I know nothing, so please assume you’re talking to a rank beginner.

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    Mike C

    I have a ZED10 non FX version mixer and use it for a USB interface more than any thing else!

    ST2 input is the USB audio output, to just listen to that channel in the headphones
    press the button on that channel “listen” with the headphone image. That will send
    that channel to the headphones.
    Make sure none of the other “listen” buttons are pressed.

    You could also turn up the aux on ST2 and then select AUX to be the headphone source, the buttons next to the headphone jack.

    I’m going to say for your use you will want to have the playback to AUX and main playback levels turned all the way down.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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