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    For a while I had midi control to run snapshots in Waves Soundgrid with D Live scene changes and out of nowhere it stopped.
    Anyone else have experience with this?

    I’ve tried all the midi driver stuff and nothing works anymore.

    Only thing I can see that’s new to me is I don’t have the Waves Allen and Heath card activated but it’s hard to do that when there’s no serial number on the card ….

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    Were you attaching specific MIDI messages to scenes manually, or using the default messages that happen with every scene?

    Did you start using surface roles in a multi surface setup? I have observed that for some reason the default messages are not sent when surface roles are in effect.

    In the Allen and Heath Midi driver preferences panel you can see the connected status, and there are “lights” that blink with incoming and outgoing messages. That can tell you if the driver thinks any messages are being sent or received.

    If the driver appears correct, you can assign a specific message to a scene or a soft key and see if that goes through.

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    I can check surface roles.
    I was just using the default messages – I would just order my scenes to align with snapshots.

    What’s weird to me is the driver connects and super rack connects (I can make a successful midi controller) but then no midi appears to talk to anything.

    I talked to a waves rep this morning and he said I don’t need the card driver as it only pertains to audio which in my case works fine.
    Which means it’s strictly something midi that is goofy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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