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    Hello everyone. I just bought a QU 24, and I tried to do some recordings with it using the board as an interface with Pro tools. I had a problem setting up levels for the mics. According to the board, I was opening the gain at about +24db, and when I put the track to PAFL to check the levels, it was reaching the +12 and almost hitting the red. However, in my pro tools session, the meters were showing about -15 to -8db. Does someone know what to do to have about the same levels in both the board, and pro tools? Thanks!!!!

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    Read the levels correctly – 0dBFS is marked as +18 or so on the desk, which makes transitioning from an analogue desk easier.

    Sorry – that was really curt, and it didn’t need to be. I’m tired, and fighting a major development which is being rammed down the collective throats of our community.

    The scales are different, you need to compare OdBFS on each – and they’ll be the same…

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