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    Hi guys

    I’ll post a link to an issue im having in a venue that we have installed a GLD80. Basically there are 2 user accounts. ‘General’ is not passworded and is the default account for allowing any old person to use the system – it allows mutes and fader moves and thats it. EQ, everything locked out. We had issues with people radically changing the boards config and as the venue does not have a technical person the owner wants us to just allow the most basic function for a few lapels and handhelds.

    There is of course an Admin which only a few people have the password for.

    The issue shown here is that when you load the iPad app and connect as ‘General’ you can still edit any parameter you like in the app, it is not locked out on here. Returning to the console, you of course can’t make any changes even though its logged in as the same account!

    It basically means we can’t give a baby sitter of the room an iPad to mix from. And their GLD is in a cupboard most of the year… so it’s kind of a deal breaker.

    Latest Firmware version was just installed. Latest iPad app is running.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi benniferj,

    I’m afraid GLD MixPad doesn’t follow user permissions set in the desk.

    As a workaround, you might want to try GLD OneMix, which will only allow access to the channels and processing you (the admin) set in the app.

    Another option, if the venue already has a Crestron / AMX control system or equivalent, is to program such system to control the desired fader levels and mutes on the GLD.

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    Mahalo Nicola! I just joined this community looking for other info (M-Dante I/O signal path) and found this jewel! We just implemented Aviom A320s for the band and Shure PSM 900 for the vocalists so this is perfect timing as our first rehearsal is tonight.

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    Hey Nicola

    Thanks for your reply… although I can’t get my head around the GLD being around for so long now and those permissions just not doing anything (apart from simply authenticate access to allow an iPad or not…)

    I’m not really sure what my client is going to say about this. Seems like a short sighted implementation. I take it that this wont be fixed?


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