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    Happy New year to all my audio colleagues..

    This is possibly one of those christmas mind skips or maybe I need another visit from the nurse 🙂 … however I am a little puzzled… as to the full purpose of the USB PreAmp button the the QU32?

    The reason I ask is just to clarify why the button allows you to change the input channel source to QU-drive ( page 23 in the manual)… but no audio is present.
    It seems as if it is a function without purpose – which I can not believe

    Audio appears to be only available on ST3 via the second layer direct to the mix o/p. Ideally it would be great if it could appear on the base layer alongside all your other inputs ( as a linked stereo pair of channels).

    Pictures enc as i try to put on Chan 3 ( i know a single channel) but I was also unable to get it to work if i patched to a linked pair of channels

    ….. or am i missing a step in the patching somewhere?

    cheers in advance – now where did I put that bottle of liniment….


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    That will take audio from the QuDrive, not the USB B port – the bottome left of the top screen shows “Global USB source”

    Switch that 😉

    EDIT – apologies – got this mixed with another thread.

    Is the QuDrive playing?
    Does the Ch3 meter on the QuDrive screen show activity?

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    Yes – when play is pressed audio shows on the meters.. and can be heard via ST3 – to the main mix o/p

    — but i am wondering why i can not feed via the ‘main’ layer as i would any other source.

    This came about because I could hear audio playing but had no faders open – on the main layer that is. So went investigating as I sort of felt this could catch me out when in the heat of battle and wondering where the audio ( possibly intermission audio) was coming from if I had not stopped the USB replay. It turned out the ST3 fader was open on the master layer (i.e. layer 2 (not the custom layer))

    Further investigations showed I could ‘select’ USB audio as a source on the main layer via the USB pre amp button…. but could not actually hear any audio. The source on the channel even changed colour and label as per the instructions on page 23… but still no audio

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    Qu-Drive stereo can only come back into ST3. The function of the button in your first picture, is to allow you to play back from a multitrack recording. In this case you’d be playing Chan3 of the multitrack.

    You could set up a custom layer to include ST3 if you need to accost at the same time as other channels.

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    Brain fade – didn’t spot the st3 reference – I’ll curl up with more olbas oil

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