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    Using a USB stick to record a show.
    Desk asks it to be formatted (fine, understandable) But wont finish formatting anything larger than 32Gb just keeps “formatting” till you just have to give up and try a smaller stick. Why?

    max recording time is 2.5 hours, why? Memory stick is empty space is not an issue.


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    The best reason I can think of is that the behind the scenes OS must require FAT32 for the USB file system. Because of that, most OS cannot format an external USB drive in the FAT32 format that is larger than 32GB. If you want to use a larger USB stick, you will have to use a regular computer and format it there, either with powershell command line utilities, or a 3rd party downloaded GUI application. I can’t say that even if you have a larger drive formatted FAT32, that the system would recognize it.

    As far as the 2.5hr recording limit, also is related to the FAT32 file system, maximum single file size allowed is 4GB. Also don’t forget that you can only record 2 channels/outputs at a time to USB.

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    I had the formatting problem with a 16GByte stick. Never stopped formatting…

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    I did have a hunch that it would be a FAT 32 related issue. Just seems lame. bit of an afterthought in the design I think.

    Better off just recording into a computer. Not even worth the hassle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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