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    [XAP]Bob, I think you might be confusing the term “bit depth” with “sample rate” when you talk about how it relates to human hearing. True, 24-bit depth is 8 bits more data than a commercial CD and allows for more processing modifications in studio without degrading the audio quality of the file, but it is sample rate that is directly related to the spectrum of human hearing. A recording with a 44.1kHz sample rate will produce half that number (22kHz) as the highest frequency in that particular file, just as a recording using a Qu console will produce a file with a 48kHz sample rate and make the highest frequency produced 24kHz.

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    Sample rate for frequency, but depth for dynamic range.

    Both are “limited” in human hearing – 44kHz is overkill, but give a bit of room for a decent analogue filter to exclude Nyquist violating frequencies, so that’s good. 48kHz allows better syncing with video – that’s the obvious advantage, an integer of samples per video frame.

    The dynamic range of the human ear is about 15 bits – 16 is mild overkill, but very convenient for computing…

    Taking 8 extra bits gives a huge dynamic range, which we can exploit for an insanely low noise floor (assuming clean signals of course) or a extremely high transient capacity.

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    I have a problem…
    we are using the apple camera adapter, and USB B streaming l… we use it for live recordig. But i only hear one output going in… and I have no idea why 🙁
    (I only hear one mic…. the band and other singers are not going inside the ipad)

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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