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    Hi Folks,
    I have a QU-Pac and we stream several USB channels from Ableton over a macbook pro on to the QU-pac. The qu-pac also handles all the mics and line level inputs, etc. I am also sending program changes over the USB to change scenes between songs. Everything usually works fine-and has worked fine for a year or so. Starting just a couple weeks ago sometimes when starting the system the QU-pac driver appears in ableton (like normal) and the audio meters on Ableton are showing audio is coming out (like normal) but the qu-pac is not receiving audio over the USB cable. Today it happened again in rehearsal, and interestingly I did notice that the program change info is still being sent over the USB without issue. I have tried various usb cables and ports on my laptop and the only thing that works is randomly turning on and off the mixer and laptop and hoping that eventually it will just all the sudden start working again. Today in rehearsal it took about 30 minutes and then it just started working again.

    With a problem like this I don’t know where to even begin, but I know I never had this problem with the QU-16. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I see lots of complaints here about noise over the USB but thankfully we haven’t had that issue.

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