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    The onward march of Dante has left those of us with SQ Mixers somewhat sidelined. I have recently had the pleasure of working with an SQ-6 and what a pleasure it was!
    Is there any talk of either A&H or a 3rd party looking at some sort of interface to give QU users and their relatively new kit access to Dante other than the USB route…..

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    I think there are several projects using Raspberry Pi as a Dante server. Could possibly be programmed to convert the Qu USB into Dante though latency might be an issue.

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    There are plenty of third party analog to Dante converters out there right now. The problem is cost. Even the cheapest converters run about $50/channel and the cost can easily get up to hundreds of dollars per channel. For example, Tascam makes a 32 channel analog to Dante converter box that runs about $2000 (without the DB25 breakout cable which are also expensive) and that is on the cheaper end of the scale.

    Of course when you compare that to the cost of a new console and a Dante I/O card to go with it, it seems more reasonable.

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    I the for the money of interfacing an qu to dante you beter buy sq with dante option.

    A second hand gld with dante could also be intresting.

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