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    Bob Briessinck

    Short: an overview screen where I can see all DYN8 in use and where I can un-assign them easily and/or adding it to bank overview.

    I haven’t had time to make several ‘plug and play’ show files yet for my dLive. I’ve been re-using show files which applied most to the next job coming and adjusted them here and there to make them work best.

    In those older show files I had for example the DYN8 inserted on toms to make it work as a transient designer (prefer this way over the FX transient designer), or had it inserted on certain groups as dynamic EQ and such.
    By not going over EVERY SINGLE insert on ALL channels, those inserts were still there and working without me knowing. Which got me to situations of boosting frequencies which were then compressed or de-EQ’d by the DYN8 working in the background.

    I’m well aware of the little LED on the left side of the console, but still going over all the channels is a lot of work, especially when given little time to prepare or last minute adjustments to the show file.

    Thus I propose to adding a screen in which you can easily see where DYN8 inserts are made and a function to be able to un-assign/bypass them quickly. Maybe also add the FX engines which are inserted too, since they’re also in the INS A/INS B tab.

    I’d like to know people’s opinion about this!

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    I love the DCA/GRP assignment screen where you can just tap the channels in and out of the selected features, adding the dyn8’s there shouldn’t be all that difficult.

    But Bob, start making those showfiles…
    I’ve got one for FOH and another for MON, and in each I use the full-reset scene, and the C3500 channel assign reset scene to start from scratch. But I’ve got my right fader bank set in the ‘global safes’ so it does not loose layout, or channel names, but does get rid of dca/grp assignments… my FX stay in place, my dca names stay the same, group insert stay, but the whole left bank get’s a reset..

    This works real fast, except for naming the channels again…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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