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    Hello friends QU.

    I bought a qu24, as are records 16 + 17e18.

    I want to connect pc to be able to record 24 channels seen my band passes of 16 channels.

    the latest version qu, macboock with osx Yosmite and LogicPro x.

    my doubts are as follows:

    – The faderes rise several at the same time

    – How should I set up ??

    -Know the logic gate and compressor can add the QU?

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    I’m struggling to discern what you’re actually trying to do…

    I think reading section 8.14 of the manual would help with at least some of the query, and maybe 8.6 if you’re looking at DAW midi control.

    The Channel Send point (Secion 8.14) allows you to use the QU dynamics if wanted – but only on a global basis.

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    No one else beside me had the same “problems” with this mixing console?? (please read the first posts in this subject). I still haven’t found a solution. And I’m not that experienced in recording.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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