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    What are the chances that someone from A&H can start posting status responses to requests? Some of the request threads go back years at this point, and it’d be nice to know if the feature request has been denied and we’re just blowing against the wind or if it’s been put on the todo list and simply hasn’t been implemented yet. Dunno how these decisions get made and maybe the corporate overlords won’t allow it but I just thought I’d ask.

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    Yes, please! Much like Q-Sys Communities’ suggestions page.

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    +1 – This would be great. There was a post recently that Nikola chimed in on and I really appreciated the acknowledgement and transparency. I would love to see that for all feature requests going forward. Or at least feature requests that get a certain amount of engagement.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi all,

    We do see and note every suggestion here, those with the most upvotes and engagement are included along with feedback from distributors and dealers to help us prioritise possible features.
    The aim being to satisfy as many users as possible with every release, being that we have finite developers, testers and hours in the day (unfortunately).

    We only tend to jump in if something is impossible or needs clarification as we don’t want to influence the conversation.
    Topics can be a single post for many months before there’s suddenly a lot of people who want the feature suggested.

    We never promise or imply that a feature will be included in an update, nor give ETA’s as things can (and often do) change right up until the last minute.
    Generally, in the case that a bug is found, which can result in the feature being pulled or the release delayed.
    The best possible outcome from us announcing what we plan to include and when the release will happen is that that every feature is included and it’s released on time… every other possible outcome would be disappointing!

    I’m not saying we’d never change how we respond (or not) to suggestions, but these are some of the reasons you might think us quiet on the threads here.


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    Under-promise and over-deliver. Totally get that, Keith. Thanks for following up. I’ll just offer that I would enjoy A&H taking a more active role in the conversations here. Especially if that included a sneak peek of the next dLive feature update 🙂

    I kid, I kid…

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    Hi Keith, thanks again to being vocal to the community.

    We have to swallow the companies decision to act as they do in that respect, although in my opinion there might be more to it as the arguments you give. Like marketing department and what I see as fear to weaken yourself compared to the competitors, when playing with open cards.

    On the other hand, you saying you listen to every suggestion being made here, means not much to me (and I believe some big portion of the community) when the only “response” we get, is to see what new features are coming up about every 3 years for dLive. (at least that seems to be the interval to settle with). So there is suggestions older then 6 years without even knowing, if they are taken into consideration.

    I never count on “maybe upcoming” features, when buying into things like mixing consoles. But as part of a community I would love to feel heard when it comes to evolve the tools of my choice!

    Thanks for listening.

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    Thanks for chiming in, Keith. Can I request a different approach to feature logging and requests? I feel like A&H’s policy encourages forum behavior that makes this platform uninviting.

    I want to see certain features implemented as much as the next Dlive owner, but this feels like “the loudest voice wins” …and in a forum environment, that either looks like threads full of “+1”s or commenters out to win more than to learn.

    It would be nice if A&H would log every feature suggestion into a polling system so we know it has been seen. Then we can vote them up or down OR debate how they are implemented. Features that have no chance of implementation are never included in the poll. Maybe each feature pole has an assigned thread dedicated to “feature scope” where A&H keeps a working document that user can discuss.

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    I think you guys have the right approach. Thank you Keith!

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    This is a “no win” situation for any company.

    If a company doesn’t give status updates to feature requests, then people will complain that the company isn’t being transparent enough.

    If a company gives status updates to feature requests, then people will complain even more. People will complain because they feel that their feature request is “more important” than a status request that is being considered when theirs is not, or because of a delay (whether just perceived or real) in the rollout of the feature, or heaven forbid if the company changes their mind and ends up not releasing a feature, etc, etc, etc.

    Long story short, personally I don’t blame A&H for taking the “we don’t comment on feature requests” path. It results in fewer complaints in general and the complaints are about the company’s policy which results in the same answer/response from A&H every time. If people were complaining about specific feature request updates, A&H would be chasing their tail trying to explain themselves instead of actually getting development done.

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