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    I’m still getting used to this new Qu-32 (thought it’s been 6 months now so not sure how much longer I can keep using this excuse). I’ve found myself wanting to grab some things off old cassettes and I have a cassette deck plugged into the ST2 inputs. All good in terms of hearing things through the board, but I was hoping I could send this source to Cubase via the USB buss like ch 1-32. I must confess, I’m drawing a blank. Cubase sees ch 1-32 as potential input busses but that’s it. Surely there is a way to route the ST2 input channels to the 32 channel USB buss that heads to my computer/cubase? Obviously, there are other ways I can pull this off, but I am trying my best to learn the capabilities of this board rather than simply working around my ignorance.

    Someone is probably about to make me feel a bit silly…


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    I’ll handle it:
    Check out chapter 11.18 I/O Patch Setup – USB Audio in The Manual… 😉
    You can route many different sources to any USB stream, including ST inputs. On that routing page just select the stream you want to assign something different (defaults to channels except 17/18 which are sourced from LR) und use the dial next to the screen to select the source. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

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    Hah! I was right there and looked over it. I’ve been thinking very Cubase-centric and was looking for INPUT sources. Obviously, from the Qu perspective I’m looking for OUTPUTS. D’oh! (Which also explains why I spent 5 minutes searching for this post on the Steinberg forum this morning 🙂 )

    Thanks Andreas.


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