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    When I play any music through ST1 on my QU-16 the vocals are completely removed as if there is a karaoke effect. It happens with any album I try to play. The music comes through normally, but vocals are gone. I can’t find any effect that could be causing it, and no effects are being used. What could I be overlooking?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions.

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    Maybe one of the end of the L or R input cable is out of phase ?

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    There must be a phase inversion then sum going on somewhere. I expect your kick drum is losing depth too.
    Look for any channels which have the phase flipped which might be carrying the signal as well as ST1
    Check the wiring of your connecting lead.
    Don’t use some ipods/IPhones (especially early ones).
    Make sure the channel isn’t being routed to another bus/track/mix then back again to the LR outs.

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    Wow, you’re exactly right about the kick drum, as recording a kick is the only other thing that’s been problematic. It has been impossible to get any depth from the kick, whereas every other instrument and channel sound normal. The kick happens to be going into CH1 and the music player into ST1 (same fader strip).

    Thank y’all for replying. I’ll report back after my next time with the mixer.

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    Mike C

    How are you connecting to the ST1 inputs? Are you using a cable that breaks out a stereo 1/8 inch plug into two 1/4 inch mono (tip sleeve) plugs and plugging one into each of the ST1 inputs?

    If you are using a 1/8 inch stereo (tip ring sleeve) plug adapted to a stereo 1/4 inch ( tip ring sleeve) plug that is the problem. The 1/4 inch inputs are set up for balanced line inputs, a stereo signal on a 1/4 inch TRS plug will have the left and right channels cancelled out due to the inversion on a balanced line input and that would sound like what you are hearing.

    Another thing to check is that you do not assign any channel to group and have that channel assigned to left right mains at the same time the group is assigned to the left right mains. That will give you a “phasey” sound but not quite like you described.
    You don’t need to worry about that since your QU16 does not have groups.

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