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    Matthew D

    Hello all,

    This weekend I was running FOH for an outdoor show and tried using my hard drive to do a multitrack recording through the SQ drive. I am not sure what happened, but the console ended up freezing. I was unable to access anything from the user interface. Absolutely nothing. Faders and mutes still worked, but nothing else was accessible.

    I had a few guys saying that it could have been the size of my hard drive that caused the internal CPU to overload and therefore freeze. I was using a Seagate 2TB BUP. Is anyone familiar with this or has anyone experienced this issue that can lend some insight?

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Matthew,

    What firmware version were you using?

    Have you contacted support already (support.allen-heath.com)?


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    Matthew D

    Firmwawre version: 1.5.0 r3883. I have just contacted support.

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    Sounds like the screen freeze. Turn off the RTA overlay.

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    Aii….Had the screen freeze happening here also. Hope A&H is searching for this bug

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    Mike C

    This weekend I was running FOH for an outdoor show….

    I’m just jealous that you had show!

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    Matthew D

    Thanks guys! I spoke with support and this is apparently a known issue that is being addressed.

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    Is this just an issue with the SQ7? Or is it the entire SQ series?

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    Matthew D

    From what I’ve gathered, it’s the SQ series.

    It actually happened again this weekend, except that I read another post explaining that the screen is actually still functional, it’s solely the display that is frozen. I was able to stop the recording and save the audio files just by going to the utility page and pressing on the screen where I remembered the correct pages and controls where. I also references pictures from the manual to make sure I was pressing the correct area of the screen. It worked this time but I really hope A&H has a fix for this soon. Such a great console to have such a silly thing like this causing trouble.

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    Unbelievable, same thing happened to me today…
    SQ5, Multitrack recording, RTA Overlay on,
    After 3 hours the screen got frozen…

    As Matthew has written, I was also able to stop the recording…

    Every thing is working but the graphics of the screen got stopped…


    Yours dd

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    the bug is already confirmed
    and I’m sure they will provide a solution as soon as possible

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    We are also waiting for a solution for this bug!

    We are recording in Stereo on USB stick. The screen freeze occurs in round about 10% of the recordings we do.

    This is a really big problem for us since we updated the console to V1.5.0

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    I understand that if you turn off the RTA on the PEQ screen while recording, that should sort it until a proper fix is released.

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    Came here to check if it was just me it was happening too. My screen has froze up twice this week, while doing streaming shows.

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    Did you fix the problem? I constantly use multitrack recording and the screen always freezes. Maybe someone else knows some other way to stop the recording?

    I really hope for an early solution to the problem !!!

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