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    SQ5 V 1.3

    I have the problem with multitrack recording that after a few seconds repeating digital noise, errors on the recording file. The stereo recording works well. I dont have the problem with the firmware 1.2.2

    Tested USB sticks:
    – SanDisk Extreme 32GB (W:100MB/s, R:245MB/S)
    – Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2 32GB (W:70MB/s, R:180MB/S)

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Gecko85,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble here.

    Could you please forward this information in a ticket at support.allen-heath.com or email support@allen-heath.com so that we can look into this further for you?



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    the same Problem after the update 1.3

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    Hello everyone,

    last night I recordered a stereo track, there was 21 input channels connected with an AR2412, I used Tracks Live to record the stream mapped to channel 1 & 2 on the Input section/Mix Ext In (L/R stereo) in the I/O screen, notebook connected with a brand new USB B cable (Shuttle-C E101344 USB Cable LL80671) with ferrite bead.
    I have had also an RTA software (Spectralissime) that was running and routed on local channel 16 for analyse the room.

    The recording was working okay apparently, but when was the time to playback in most of the part of the recording there were a noise like a robotic voice, now this is only garbage, I think, because I cannot repair the recorded sound =(
    I really want to figured out what happened.

    SQ5 updated with the last release v1.3.0
    Driver ASIO: SQ Audio Driver (v4.3.5.0)
    Notebook: Lenovo Thinkpad T410 2537 (ram 8GB, core i5)
    OS: Win 10 Pro version 1809

    I am attaching a screen of the configuration and here the link of a piece of 50 seconds recording.
    recording noise

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    I finally had time to test multitrack recording with a freshly formatted Sandisk Extreme SSD (500GB). Recording 16 tracks at a time. I consistently get errors in the recording, sounds garbled, like what one gets when recording with a DAW if CPU runs out or buffer is too small. The errors last from a second to several seconds, and occur roughly every minute or so.

    SQ5 firmware is 1.3. SSD is freshly formatted with the SQ5 under OS 1.3.

    One thing to note is that the number of errors displayed by the SQ5 is constantly zero, even during these errors 😉 Seems like your error-detection system is flawed, hmm?

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    Further info to this problem:

    I downgraded the firmware to 1.2.2, reformatted the SSD via the SQ 1.2.2 and now the glitches are gone!

    So it would seem the issue is caused by 1.3 OS somehow.. Either the formatting function in 1.3 causes problems (docs state it was changed somehow? something about extended file system support?) or then something else in 1.3 causing unsatisfactory mtk recording performance..

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    I also have digital noise but with an SQ-6, firmware 1.2.2 and 1.3 both have the issue. I get high pitched noise. I am using SanDisk SDCZ880-128G-G46.

    Alex, I did email support with my data, don’t know if this is the same issue everyone else is having or not.

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    Also had a problem this past weekend after upgrading to 1.3
    Most of the stereo recording on usb drive (Samsung SSD) was fine except one section where it did this weird high pitch noise around 10-12khz for about a minute. Very odd… never had that happen before, had a little bit of digital blips and noise but not like this.

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    I also this past weekend was recording multi-track on v1.30 with an sQ-5. I have noticed throughout the recording there is what sounds like high-end digital noise that wasn’t present during the event. These our little one-off blips as well as consistent long spans of several seconds.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi All,

    Can everyone who is have an issue please start a ticket at support.allen-heath.com, if not done so already, so that we can look into this further?

    For those that have a drive which works in 1.2.2 but not in 1.3, please forward the Make and Model of your drive.

    For those that have an issue in both firmware versions, this is unfortunately not the same issue and is likely caused by the drive. I can explain this further once a ticket has been started.

    For those that have an issue with USB B streaming, please see this article for help with optimising your PC: https://support.allen-heath.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1205/338/troubleshooting-issues-with-the-sq-usb-b-interface



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    I’m having the same problem with multi-track recording using firmware v1.3 and Sandisk SDSSDE60-250G-G25. One of the main reasons I purchased the SQ was for the on-board recording capability so I am a little disappointed at the moment. I hope this can be fixed easily and quickly. And yes, I did submit a ticket to tech support.

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    i dropped back down to firmware version 1.22 and i was able to multi-track this past weekend. i may just look at staying at 1.22 until that bug is fixed.

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    I’ve the same problem with V1.3 on an SQ5. Recording over USB on a well working WD-Elements 2GB drive produces an digital noise with glitches like sync errors!

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    the same Problem after the update 1.3.
    I recorded the first part of the show on hd Trehstore datastation 5oo via SQ-Drive The second part on Macbook pro 2017 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7; 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3; SSD Samsung pro ok USB-B streaming connections.
    With the 1.2.0 release it had never happened. Then when I upgraded to v1.3.0 the SQ has been blocked and in assistance they have completely changed the matre board 🙁 Now the fans are ghastly and rigstra badly … I’m disappointed with this mixer.
    m disappointed with this mixer. I’m disappointed with this mixer.
    Before I had the QU16 and it was OK.

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    I got digital noise when play music from my mac mini. I have never had this problem before just recently after the 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 update. Reboot SQ6 did not help but unplug USB helped. I got 3 or 4 times with this issue since the update

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