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    I bought the SKB ears. Very nice product but it doesn’t sit the SQ5 low enough for use in their own product… I have it mounted in an SKB gig rig and with the lid on it literally touches (noticeably from the outside) the top of the SQ-5 / light bar. Pretty disappointing. To add to that, I have the original gig rig shelf and it doesn’t fit with the SQ-5 without touching rotary knobs. I guess they released a smaller version of the pop-up shelf as shown in Dean’s link above. However I kind of don’t trust that it will fit now…

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    One that works…
    SKB rack ears on SQ5 fits great in a SKB 1SKB-R100 10U Top Mixer Rack Case.

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    Hi Barry, thanks for your post re SKB 1SKB-R100 10U Top Mixer Rack Case.

    A question for you. There doesn’t seem to be much airflow to the sides. Does the desk get good air under the console?

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    I have in the past mounted a small desk on the top of a rolling rack: IMO it is a bad idea for several reasons.

    1) For starters the risk of shock damage is greatly increased when transporting.
    2) The size and weight of loaded combo cases is a major problem.
    3) My SQ5(with it’s dust cover) a DX168 & a Glyph Studio external HD fit snuggly in a large Gator suit case for safe transportation.
    4) I loaded a 8U SKB case with an Atlas ECS-3 power sequencer along with an ETA-20SH (dedicated 20 amp sequenced power for speaker
    stacks) along with my Masterlink HD (that I use for providing back up tracks)
    5) I had a real 3/4 inch piece of cabinet grade plywood that made dandy templets for stabilizing the SQ5 on top and the rolling trey on
    the bottom of the SKB case.

    I provide up to six tube mics with stands, a KV2 EX10 wedge monitor and all of the requisite cables for on stage deployment to FOH. Appropriate packing for each of these elements along with a a pair of ES10 speakers for mounting on K&M tripods for small gigs, a Two camera video system and a D-28 guitar in a Leaf case fit in the back of my SUV. When I need to provide my KV2 ES large speaker stacks my Ford Expedition SUV has no trouble pulling their trailer.

    Given the better than decent custom SR installs we generally deal with today, transporting FOH stacks is rarely needed so our stage front end gear is all we usually transport: unless we are dealing with a venue with no/or very poor existing SR. We all have specific needs that will largely determine how we choose to package our gear. In my situation flexibility is paramount.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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