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    The IOS app we used with our previous mixer prevented the screen from locking while the app was running. It’s really annoying to have to unlock teh screen while playing just to tweak my monitor mix. Please modify the app to tell the screen not to lock. Thanks!

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    Alex A&H


    There is an option within the iOS device settings which can help with this. For example, on an iPhone you can go to Settings > Display & Brightness and change Auto-Lock to Never.

    I’m not aware of whether it is possible to implement this control in the SQ4You app, but the suggestion can be noted and may be considered in the future if it is deemed possible.


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    Hi, Let me chime in as a lightly-experienced iOS developer; yes it is possible for an iPad app to keep the device awake, saving a lot of swipes and clicks for doing what Alex says (including setting back to normal settings which one is bound to forget..). For example TomTom (iPhone) does this. It can also be user defined, and is really not hard to program! I’m surprised it isn’t included already in the mixpad app..


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @woutersnoei,

    On iOS only apps, this may be the case (Qu-You for example, was initially built only for iOS before being re-made for android later and has this feature).
    The SQ apps however, were planned to be multiplatform from the start, which adds complication.
    As Alex says, we may look into it again in future, but unfortunately it’s not as trivial as one might think!


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    Alex, I’m familiar with that, but changing a global setting before and after every time one of us uses an app is a long way from ideal.

    Keith, while I haven’t done app development, I have been a software engineer and architect for many years. Surely whatever language you are using to write these apps has conditionals or includes? Google Maps handles this just fine (at least on IOS, which is hardly Google’s favorite platform), and it’s cross-platform. Ditto QMix-UC (PreSonus).

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    Are there any plans on adding this feature in the future?

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    Adding a +1 for this feature… This is by far the biggest complaint I get from our musicians and singers.

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