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    For our set up we use one SQ-6 for both FOH and monitors. The musicians use SQ4You for their IEM mixes. Currently when the channels are muted the level control is blocked out. We would like the musicians to have the ability to adjust channel levels with SQ4You when the channels are muted. We keep a pretty tight rein at FOH and don’t leave channels unmuted whenever they are not supposed to be coming through the house system. An example of when this feature would be useful is after soundcheck we typically mute all of the channels because various musicians want to unplug their instruments, but various musicians know adjustments they want to make to their IEM mixes and are unable to because the channels are muted. I know they wont be able to hear their adjustments, but many of us have a good feel for what adjustments are needed even without hearing them in real time. If you did not want this option to be available by default it could be a selectable option in the console settings.

    Thank you,

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    I was very happy to find this was implemented in version 1.5. Thank you very much Allen and Heath; we appreciate it! Keep up the great work!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey Joshua,

    Great! Although we didn’t get back to your original post here, it was noted, and we had contact from other users who requested the same.
    We also added the little mute indicator that shows when a channel in a group is muted, so hopefully more control and less accidents too 🙂


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    Hi Keith,
    we’ve just got a new SQ-24 for our church, and I am using the Qu-You app on my Android phone. I’ve had the same issue as JLang in that I can’t adjust any levels when the group is muted at the desk. It’s great that I can see that the group is muted, but can we have it so that we can still adjust the levels whilst muted?

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