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    Hello everyone.

    I am playing around with SQ Drive on my SQ6 and would like to use a USB drive to playback stereo tracks for preshow music. But I’m having a problem with it popping whenever a new song starts. It almost seems like its clipping for a second whenever it starts. I’ve tried lowering the volume of the tracks in Audition and even adding a Fade-in effect on the track to try and help solve this. But everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked.

    I’m using .wav files that are 96kHz 24bit. To me it almost seems like it is doing it as it loads up the next song. Has anyone else run into this issue? I’ve searched all over this forum and haven’t really seen this specific issue come up.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I have had the same issue for long, sorry to say. Haven’t found a sollution. I gave it up, and accepted this behavior . The SQ is a state of the art live mixer, but not very well suited for playback stereo files via USB Drive. If I need flawless (stereo) files played back, I use the iPad that sits above the SQ, and is always hooked up to it via USB B.

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    Mike C

    For the sake of testing try a lower res wav file, like a 44k 16 or 48k 16.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried both 44k 16 and 48k 16 with no luck. It doesn’t happen every time at first, but it seems to do it more between songs as time goes on. I’ve also tried adding a gap to the beginning of the songs just to make sure it was the song that was clipping, but that didn’t help either. It seems to be an issue as it loads the next song.

    My current “fix” was to just combine a bunch of songs into one .wav file to prevent popping between every song, but I have to imagine this is something that firmware could fix…

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    @KeithJ A&H

    Whats does A&H say?

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    KeithJ A&H

    My understanding is that this might be related to the playback buffer, so if you’re skipping through songs or they don’t finish with silence, you may have a tiny ‘chunk’ of the noise still in the buffer that is then emptied when you start playing the next song.

    It has been noted for investigation (thanks to Johan) so will be looked into and hopefully fixed/improved when we are next working in that area.


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    Does anyone know if there’s going to be a fix for this issue?

    I’ve tried adding silence to the end of my stereo playback tracks but the problem still occurs.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    I have had this problem more or less constantly since upgrading from 1.4.4 to any 1.5.x versions.
    Not been too bothered though, as I use QLab for 99% of the time.

    Tried to reverse the console to 1.4.4 and the problem was gone, so my bet is something bugs out in the 1.5.x sourcecode.

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    As a temporary fix I’ve turned on the gate with a 300ms attack – not perfect but better than nothing

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