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    Hello everyone.

    I’m in this situation: in a theatre where I often work they installed a s5000 surface in foh position, with DM48 mix rack on stage.

    I don’t know very well that system, but after some concerts I had very good impressions and now would like to buy a SQ7 to use as a monitor mixer there (someway connected to resident dLive system), and also as a mobile desk for other tasks.

    If I’m right, the better “official” way in order to get this SQ / dLive link should be by adding an optional extra giga ace card to DM48 I/O slots. So the second built-in Giga Ace just works as redundant, correct? No way to get audio split from there…

    So my question: any chance to connect SQ7 Slink port DIRECTLY to the S5000 surface, via cat5, passing only audio? That way could we use SQ7 for all analog I/O on stage, feeding multich. direct outs to FOH s5000, bypassing DM48?

    I guess AD quality and flexibility should be not the same as the first solution with DM48, but actually we rarely need stage mixer…. just have to split signals for stage monitoring a couple of times in a year. And 1K bucks for a dedicated extra Giga Ace card is out of our budget now

    Thank you for your attention

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    The mix engine of the dLive system is placed in the DM48 Mixrack, not inthe S5000 surface. So you always need the Mixrack if you wantto run the dLive system. The Surface without the mixrack makes no sense.
    And you needthat extra GigaAce card for the dLive to connect the SQ7 to the dLive. The only other option i see is to use analog splitters to provide the same input signals for both, the dLive and the SQ. There are some advantages using an analog split. Not too expensive and flexible since both consoles do not rely on one common gain.

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    Thanks for your info about Mixrack.

    Of course I know, an old-school analog splitter is a good option.

    We already done that way with a rented one, buying it is still less expensive than an extra Giga Ace card… and I agree, that solution offers a complete separation that is always a plus.

    We’ll probably solve it this way, too bad I find the cost of the card really too high!

    Thanks anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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