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    A friend ask and I didn’t know the answer.


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    You can hold the Reset button and press an In, Sel, or Mix button to reset the desired parameters. I assume when resetting via the In buttons, you need to have a channel or mix selected first though.

    So in your case, select the desired channel, hold Reset, then press the In button in the parametric EQ control area to the right of the touchscreen.

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    Thanks Peter!


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    Glad it worked.

    As another who’s relatively new to digital mixers, I kind of wish the manual went more into the workflow instead of just being a reference. This little detail is tucked away in the brief description of the panel buttons near the beginning, and it doesn’t appear to be mentioned elsewhere. I find that, unless you already know where to look, important and useful information like this is easy to miss. I mean it’s all there, but the organization isn’t as clear as it could be.

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    covers the most important things… on a small amount of pages…

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    Yeah, I know about that one, I just think that, somewhere between that quick start and the detailed reference, there’s room for a solid user’s guide. I know A&H tends to deal more with experienced sound folks, especially with these higher end lines, but for those of us with a middling amount of experience in the analog world a guide as descriptive as the ones for their old GL line or the MixWizards, not making so many assumptions about preexisting knowledge, would be handy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m comfortable enough with the SQ now that I can find things without much trouble in the reference. But if I ever have to get someone else up to speed (I’m in a small town without many experienced techies) it would be nice to have a gentler introduction to link them to.

    That said, unlike the handful of other digital boards I’ve played with, the SQ’s approach feels a lot more logical to my particular way of thinking!

    Keith’s videos were very handy starting out too, though there’s probably room for a handful more at this point. I appreciate how short they are, since I generally don’t find YouTube videos to be as useful as a solid printed tutorial.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @peterlanders,

    We do not wish to tell engineers how to mix – everybody does it their own way, and with a product like the SQ there are huge number of features and different ways to achieve something.
    With our analogue ranges it’s a little different as the format is fixed, and so there is usually one, or at least one ‘best’ way to do something. When some previous guides were made it was also difficult to find information quickly and easily online especially when out in the middle of a nowhere on a gig. In some ways, the videos are an evolution of the user guide, and splitting these out from the reference guide hopefully means you can learn the important aspects easily with visual examples, then have a concise document that can be kept on hand (to refer to) when needed.

    So the following resources are available for SQ :
    Quick Start Guide (printed copy in the box, and available under the documents tab on our website) – This tells you about the surface layout and use, these are fixed functions.
    Reference Guide (available under the documents tab on our website) – Updated with every major firmware release, this includes all the functionality of the SQ.
    Knowledgebase – Covers frequently asked questions about our products.
    Videos – Also available on our YouTube channel, these are short ‘per-function’ instructional videos.
    The Digital Community – … here! Chat with other users and ourselves and discuss any issues or feature suggestions.
    support.allen-heath.com or support@allen-heath.com – Contact us directly about anything, including setups or specific things you need to do.

    We’re happy to make more videos though! What kind of thing are you thinking of?


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    That’s all perfectly reasonable, as someone who’s self taught on this stuff but also teaches thrilling introductory computer stuff in my day job, I just always find myself thinking about how a complete beginner would cope with these things. I’m good at puzzling things out (and tend to learn best that way) but that seems a lot less common for people getting out of their comfort zone. As for my theatre life, it’s all been small town amateur stuff where I could never assume any experience.

    I think you’ve done great things in making the SQ clear and approachable, it’s mostly the less common things (routing matrix displays, etc.) that took a bit of thinking through for me. Analog mixers may have more physical controls, but they’re definitely simpler machines from a user perspective.

    I’ve had a few things spring to mind where new videos would be helpful, but I don’t have them handy. I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for being so active and helpful here, Keith. This kind of thing is a big part of why I went for the SQ in the first place!

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