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    I’m wondering if there are any plans to add the Spectrograph to the QU-Pad app? This feature is on the mixer but not the iPad app. I use the QU-PAC mixer which is on the stage so I’d need the Spectrograph on the iPad to be able to use it.

    I’m also wondering if there are any more future plans to develop the QU series or whether this has finished? The last time the QU series had an update was 11 months ago. If it doesn’t get any new features added I’d still like to have the Spectrograph on the QU-Pad app. Users of the QU-SB can’t access this feature at all so I would hope it would be made available for them at some point?

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    Need no spectrogram on my qu-sb. Rta analizer is enough . Please hpf/lpf filters,on line/ off line editor are much more important than another spectrogram.(witch is not ergonomic :ipad only…)I have my smaart, flux, signalsope etc……… 😉

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    The whole RTA thing could be a LOT better on the Qu-pad…..why not mirror the RTA screen on the desk? Full screen mode for graphic and PEQ would be nice too 😉

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    Underlaying the RTA/Spectograph under EQ (maybe with a colour change if the EQ isn’t actually of the signal being sent to the RTA) would be incredibly useful for users who don’t have quite as many years experience.

    But that applies on the desk as well as on QuPad (not that one should hold the other up at all)

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    Speaking on behalf of the users that don’t have a decade plus of experience, we agree.

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    I agree with Bob..a spectograph under the EQ layer maybe is the best choice..

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    Dick Rees

    The best solution I’ve seen is to use a third party app on a second iPad, something like this:


    Better than the A&H graph, bigger display, can be run continuously on its own screen and is constantly being updated/improved as a stand-alone product. Yes, it would be nice to add/enhance the Qu feature, but this is SO much better.

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