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    I have connected our qu16 to my MacBook via USB. The MacBook is receiving the sound from the mixer however no matter how high I have the channel volume or gain on any of the channels, the sound level from the mixer input is very low. I can’t see any settings on the mac that would cause/effect this. Is there something on the mixer that I could/need to adjust?

    (apologies in advance if there is already a post on this. I DID try to search for one but couldn’t find one that answered my query/issue!)

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    AH has a lot of headroom to avoid clipping.

    It will seem 18dB low even if you are peaking at the green to yellow light on the LR out

    Record that in your DAW.
    Then normalize the level with DC offset removal and it should sound good on the mac levelwise.

    You could increase the gain on the mixer but then you risk clipping with all the permanent problems that causes which will be baked in and can not be undone.

    Best to record low and adjust in DAW later.

    There are lots of similar posts like yours although they may be hard to search for here.
    Mostly people who do not understand digital and the need for that headroom.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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