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    Hi Kibosh,

    In my personal opinion, you should seriously consider one of the Behringer X32 consoles, for the reasons that you mentioned (more flexible in terms of functionality, and better price/performance ratio). I was very tempted by the Behringers myself, and probably would have been happy using one.
    Behringer sells these consoles in rediculously large numbers, so they cannot afford serious quality issues. They also seem quick to expand the functionality with firmware updates (but Allen&Heath seem to be catching up quickly with the Qu firmware updates).
    However, be prepared to spend some time getting to know the X32 well, because it’s so packed with features that you may sometimes have trouble finding your way around. I think the X32 user interface demonstrates that this is only the second digital console that Behringer have ever designed (the DDX3216 was the first, I still have mine, and still like it 🙂 ).

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    Thx HansvdL

    Yes, it will probably be the X32. But I just heard that I will need DI boxes to safely connect my hardware synths because off the Phantom Power. The X32 only has XLR connections and no Jacks inserts. Probably on purpose so you’ll have to buy their DI800 box with it.

    Do you know if those DI boxes do anything on the sound quality?

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    Most Di boxes will have a flavour however most people cannot hear that. Some use phantom power and will introduce some sort of indistinguishable noise.
    The Behringer Di1800 Box is probably fine for you. But I bet you end up buying 2 of them eventually.
    Of course if you are already at line level signal of which your synths probably are, you can simple use transformer type Di box’s but cheap transformers will squash and limit your sound
    however good transformers (Jensens) are expensive.
    Zero to 60 (thousand cycles) in .2 of a second I think (from memory) used to be their (Jensens) advertising line for their transformers.

    For acoustic instruments I use the countryman.. check the prices of those out.
    Yes… get 16 of those.
    You can put 230volts into them and apparently they wont blow up!

    I’m surprised with all of its bells and whistles there is no “Jack” inputs to the channels on the X32?

    I’m still waiting for a QU32 which has balanced jack inputs

    There is always just that something that each mixer does or dose not have, and often you don’t know it until you have paid for it sitting in your studio or lounge and you then you go to do something and suddenly!!!!! argh !@#$%^&*.
    I should have just bought the QU24!

    cheers man
    Good luck
    dave NZ

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    The other day…
    Quite by accident I was in a local shop looking at a TC-foot controlled harmonizer.
    Right behind me covered with its proper cover was a X32 Producer
    So I just had to get the guy to turn it on to look at it.
    I picked it up and held… felt the weight… the build quality etc…
    Kind of scalloped, shinny.. so if I accidentally spilt my beer over the top, it looked like the beer would sit in the middle so I could wipe it up.

    I must say I really think the build quality of the QU leaves it hands down.
    The X32 felt quite plastically
    The screen was extremely detailed.
    I had to get 2 pairs of glasses out.
    I didn’t like the feel of the faders. (ever so slight wobbly)
    And the very experienced older salesman (same age as myself) said that the other Yamaha desk opposite, which dosn’t have all the bells and whistles and is an analogue desk with digital output sounded much better.?
    Of course I’m not biased.
    Just thought I would let you know my thoughts.

    Does any one know, anyone that has got a QU32 yet?
    I’m actually considering getting a GLD112 but but….
    There is none here in NZ

    Interestingly the sales guy said “all of the young people are coming in here are using Reaper software”
    I was thrilled to hear that.

    dave NZ

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    I saw the full Behringer X32, not the Producer, and I could compare it with the Presonus Studiolive next to it. Yes, the build quality off the Presonus felt much better. Probably the Allen & Heath also. But the thing is. I need all those Bells & Whistles and the QU doesn’t even come close. I can’t use my DAW as insert point. With the Presonus I could, but that one is just too expensive and ok, it’s build better but double the price and that’s too much a difference.

    Below in this blog you can download WAV’s off a Behringer X32, Presonus Live AI series and the older one, and also a Soundcraft. To my ears the only one that does not sound good is the older Presonus: PS: Download the WAV’s, don’t just listen to them through Soundcloud because that is reduced quality.

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