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    This last weekend I had the Q out for a simple show . During sound check, the channel fader for input 11 was acting wonky. The number 11 fader runs a fold back send on the top layer, and is this lead vocalist on both the lower layer and custom layer. While on either the custom layer or lower layer, the fader exhibited the symptom of “loosing its ground” for about 2-3 millimeters of travel around infinity cut, but resumed normal operation once I passed that point. As we all remember from our analogue days, when a fader looses it’s ground, it passes signal as if there is no fader in path. Only the trim knob changes the level. When I switched back to the top layer, the fader worked fine without showing the same symptoms. I worked around the problem for the show. When I got a go at the mixer yesterday, it was still doing the same thing. Because it didn’t do the same thing on all layers, I thought it must be a software glitch. I did a “hard” reset and that seems to have solved the problem.
    Has anyone else had a glitch like this?

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    I haven’t seen this.

    Wow, though: good troubleshooting on your part.

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    thx, seems i have the same problem on fader 5, will try this, but on my mixer it happens occasionaly

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    hmmm this will be interesting to watch?

    How old is your mixer and how many jobs has it completed?

    Do you travel and store your QU with the faders in the full up mode?

    And so with that question in mind, is this relevant to this age of motorised faders?
    Surely we are not talking analog circuitry here where the fader is shorting to ground to turn down the volume….
    I choose not to be a tech however will watch any comments here
    I have 3x QU16 and a QU24 and waiting waiting waiting for the specs on another model in a few days time!
    dave NZ

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    Would you mind uploading a video clip?

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    no my mixer is brand new, only used it a couple of times
    had it once at a concert
    second time i had it was at home when i was streaming a multitrack from the pc to try out some things and get more experienced with the qu

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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