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    Hi. I’m excited cause I just ordered the Avantis and should be receiving it soon.

    I’m sure the answer is “no” but just wanted to check. Is it possible to use SLink over a normal off-the-shelf IP switch? I have two rooms that don’t patch together. I was wanting to run 2 D-Link Ethernet powerline adapters to run the SLink from one room to the other. I’m almost certain it’d work over Dante however I prefer SLink cause I’m using a GX4816 that already has a ME port on it. Any advice or info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    This is kind of complicated.

    As I understood it (but not verified) is the new Slink Port a auto adapting port, wich switches between different Protocolls.
    The Old Protokol wich was used by GLD & QU are not TCP/IP Based. They are not possible to route over an switch, because of the missiong layers (layer 3 or 4) wich are necesarry for the routing within the Switch.

    I think the newer protocolls of SQ and Avantis behaving the same, cause they are mainly made for simple point to point connections.


    The Avantis also supports the newer Protocolls of all the D-Live Stageboxes, the DX Boxes. And as I understood it, here is a Protocol used, wich ist based on TCP/IP. And the GX4816 is also capable to be used by this protocol.

    But I’m not shure, how it would behave. There is a small chance, that it works. Please stand me corrected if not.

    Savest Way is a direct connection, without the router. If you have a propper Houseinstallation, you should be able to just make a direkt connection on the patchfields.

    The other possibility is Dante, and using a Dante Box or other Dante Hardware. Dante is a TCP/IP Protocol and qorks quit well.

    Kind regards

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    the use of a switch is possible
    as long as you have no other devices in the same network
    the SLink is a point to point connection based on standard Ethernet

    but I guess the powerline will be a problem
    this will introduce latency that will cause problems and makes the link unreliable

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