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    I used our new dLive for a live broadcast the other day.
    The scene fade is FANTASTIC and is really great in a situation where you have one person mixing video and audio for a broadcast.

    What would be fantastic is if in addition to a fade time you could specify a “delay time” or a “fixed execution time” for a scene to be actioned.

    If you could specify a delay time for a scene then you could program in a 5 second delay, hit the go button and then start counting down, at the end of the timer the scene would execute either with or without a fade time.

    The other nice feature which would be a bit harder is if you could specify a specific time for a scene to execute.
    Say you want a scene to run every day at 5am or for all outputs to be muted at 11pm.

    This would make the dLive useful in all sorts of unusual situations.

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    You can already put a delay on a scene. Take a look at Embedded Scenes, where you can have one scene load another (or a series of others) after a delay.


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    As someone who moonlights occasionally as a stage manager, it makes me nervous to hit go and then verbally count down the delay. It seems an unusual way to handle cues. Why not instead verbally count down from the triggering event and then hit go at the end of the countdown?

    This question is more for my own curiosity than anything else. 🙂

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    Thanks Andrew, I’ll check that out.

    @michael, its not for everyone.
    In my situation I am often the only person doing many different tasks.
    So if I am mixing video and audio at the same time, I don’t have enough fingers.
    If I pressed go, started counting down, then I can forget about audio and move to the vision mixer to complete the cue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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