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    This forum has been an important wealth of information that has helped me grow, thank you all!

    I have been having some difficulty with the Shure integration process and I was hoping someone might be able to help me.

    I have a Dante network with 20 channels of ULXD wireless routed to a dLive C3500 with a CMD32, I have followed the Shure Integration guide but our devices are not being recognized. I have run updates to everything I can think of, without results. I am following the Control: Dante Audio: Dante Dual Redundancy configuration. Our system was installed in 2015, and the dLive was added just before the pandemic. We are using the Dante Card from the originally installed GLD, with the adapter. Could this be the issue? We have a Blu-806 in the system that I am unable to update and am wondering if that might be the problem. Our Dante network is working wonderfully, with 20 channels running, an SQ6 mixer for our stream, and the old GLD112 acting as a monitor mixing position (which was just moved from the stream position when the Dante card came for the SQ after the 2-year backorder). I know the feature isn’t critical but I would love my students to be able to use them and, honestly, it is just bothering me! Any guidance or suggestions (constructive or otherwise) are greatly appreciated.


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    The shure data is all handled on the control side of the dlive network. Not thru Dante. I have never set this up with Dante redundant on ULX-D but I assume you would have to bridge the primary network with the dlive control network. Depending on what you have on that control network should be what makes you decide if this is something you should do. Combining those networks could cause issues.

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    Nicola A&H

    Can you tell us more about your setup?
    – Network topology, switch configuration etc.
    – Is the Dante card in redundant mode or switched mode?
    – Is the Dante card bridged to the dLive control network?
    – IP address of Shure receivers (control and Dante), IP address of dLive, IP address of Dante card

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    As Jgrift explained, the Shure control data is not passed over the Dante connection. Do you have your Shure units patched into the regular network as well (and is the console patched into this same network)? Can you find them using Shure Wireless Workbench software? If you can’t find the units using the Shure software, the console isn’t going to find them either.

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    Nicola A&H

    That’s not entirely correct. The Shure receivers can operate in different modes and can indeed merge control and Dante on the same port / network. The convenience in this configuration is that you can run a single Dante cable to the dLive or Avantis. Of course, it requires some attention to IP addresses, network bridge etc. hence my questions.

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