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    I’m just getting to knoe SuperRack I’ve setup all my inputs
    and everything is working fine. But I can’t seem to figure out
    how to send my LR to create an insert. Does it need to return to
    input channels?

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    First, you will output the LR signal via the I/O card’s output routing just like you do your inputs going to SuperRack. You will then have a return signal from SuperRack (not sure how to route that inside of SuperRack) that is routed back to a pair of the I/O card’s inputs. Generally speaking, it is best to use 1:1 routing, so if the output is being sent out to SuperRack on I/O card output channel 65 and 66, you would use I/O card input channel 65 & 66 as well.

    Once you have it assigned correctly in SuperRack and the I/O card, then it is as simple as choosing “I/O card input 65&66” as the insert return in the LR insert section (where you also assign I/O card output 65&66 as the output of the insert). So your insert section of the LR channel will have the outgoing/send channel as “I/O card output channel 65&66” and the input/return channel as “I/O card input channel 65&66”

    Hopefully that makes sense.

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    Mathias Thunbo

    Do This:

    Select ‘Main LR’ > Press ‘Processing’ > Go to the ‘Ins A’ tab.

    (I am guessing you have the I/O card installed in the C1500 surface. Is it a Waves V3 Card?)
    If Yes, move on to:
    Current Left: Surface I/O Port 4 socket 1 (The socket number is just an example)
    Current Right Surface I/O Port 4 socket 2
    Current: Surface I/O Port 4
    Socket 1/2.

    In Superrack > Go to the Setup tab.
    Make sure, in your inventory, that you have both the dLive Waves V3 card, a Waves Server and the host computer mounted.
    (For reference, I’ve added a SuperRack-image from the Setup page – though not with a dlive setup..)
    When everything is mounted in the inventory, go to Patch window.
    On the left choose ‘Device to device’.
    Patch 1:1 from the Waves V3 card to the host computer, and afterwards patch 1:1 from the host computer to the Waves V3 card.
    ..You are almost there..
    Now go to a empty Rack (in SuperRack).
    In the top, in the ‘Input’ section, choose Input > Waves V3 Card > 1-2
    On the Bottom, in the ‘output’ section choose Output > Waves V3 Card > 1-2.

    That’s it.

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