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    is there another way than using group as source for an input and route this input to a group, to send a group into a group?



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    I think that is the easiest way to handle it. Obviously doing that breaks the latency compensation that the system is known for however.

    I will say that we use our Main L/R out as a “band group”. In other words, I send band inputs to various groups and then to my band group (really main l/r) and then out to matrixes (main l/r, subs and fills for example). For vocals, I send those inputs to a vocal group and then direct to the matrixes. This give me an “extra layer” of processing my instrument/band channels before everything (including vocals) is combined for the outputs at the matrix level. It also gives me an easy way to keep my vocals out of the subs – I simply don’t assign the vocal group to the sub matrix. I do have to use a DCA with all of my matrix assigned to it as my “master buss” because the normal l/r fader only controls my band group.

    Now I realize that is a very narrow solution that isn’t as flexible as sending groups -> inputs -> back into groups. It might not be sufficient for what you are trying to accomplish. But if it does work for you, it won’t break the latency compensation of the system.

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    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Actually I think I will try the L/R-Bandbus-version you mentioned instead. Till now I avoided it because I wanted to keep the possibility to have a Buss containing the whole sum which can be processed and send through a Matrix quickly anwhere I need it.

    I already used Inputs as „Buss-returns“ on a SQ5 with a detour through Waves SG but I found it confusing and a bit risky…

    And, as you mentioned, I won‘t have to deal with a complex time alignment for the Busses…

    So, thanks again. 🙂

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    I do the same thing as Brian, with one little quirk.
    Band inputs > Groups > Master > Matrix 1
    Vocal inputs > Vocal Groups > Matrix 1

    Then I use the external input on my Main/fill/sub/record matrices to route Matrix 1 to those outputs.

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    External In on a group can choose another group as the source which will allow group>group routing, however it will only allow one group as a source. If you are wanting to sum multiple groups into a new group then choosing the first groups as the source for additional inputs and then routing those inputs to a new group would be the way.

    Personally group to group routing isn’t something I care to keep track of along with everything else so I’ve never messed with it. My SWOP is inputs>groups>masters>matrices. With a little double busing and parallel compression I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. But as far as I know, those are the ways in which you can do it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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