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    I am looking how to route my fx to me-1 from console. I have Sq6 to expansion—stage box—cat5 distribution—-me1 i have been able to assign fx to one of the (40) channels but when I try to bring up level there is no change it vocal. Please help

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    Mike C

    The FX needs to be applied to the vocal in the SQ mixer, the ME1 will just let you listen
    to the FX return with the FX already on the vocal.

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    Generally you would return FX via a group to the MEs. For example send a vocal group, which contains the vocals, and the vocal FX. You can still send the individual vocal channels, so that musicians can add “more” of what they want to hear.

    A strategy that I use when setting up MEs for HOW use, is to send a group that is the entire FOH mix, minus drums. This mix includes FX. I send the drums on another key, and then all of the core individual components. This allows the band to bring up the the mix quickly, then add more of specific things to that mix. I exclude the drums, since the kit is right next to them, but there is still a key that they can turn them up if needed.

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    Hello, I am having the same issue as the OP. I have FX1 (reverb) fader up on my vocal channel (Local IP3 on SQ-6) and on Bass channel (local IP-4 on SQ-6) and when I sing / play bass I get plenty of reverb out of my Main L/R monitors, but in the ME-1 it’s bone dry? Also, I’ve noticed that any channel processing is not going to the ME-1, for instance: HP Filter, Compression, EQ, Gate etc.. basically all the processing available on the channel itself on the SQ-6 is not being “passed” on to the ME-1 channel for that same instrument ie. Local IP-3 is vocals, on ME-1 it’s channel 3 etc. It’s like the ME-1 is getting the signal right after the preamp, but nothing after the preamp in terms of processing or FXs?

    Surely it’s not design to work this way, I look forward to any ideas, suggestions etc.. 🙂

    Cheers and Thank you.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Stephane,

    In the I/O screen, the SQ can send signals to an ME system from IP Direct Outputs, Mix Out, Rack FX (FX Returns) and Monitor Out.
    IP Direct Outputs come from individual input channels and the signal depends on how you have configured the Global Direct Output settings, explained here –,-361,573
    The Direct Out Source (tap off) points can also be seen on the basic signal path diagram here –

    If an FX unit is inserted, then you just need to select a source point which comes after the insert point and you’re done.

    If using FX sends and returns however, you would have just the dry signal from the Input Channel Direct Outputs and will need to pass on the FX return signal, which is the wet/effect only signal, separately.
    You can do this a few ways:

    • Send FX return/s to the ME system.
    • Mix the dry and FX return signals together on a group or aux and send this to the ME system (as Scott suggests above)
    • Mix just the FX returns to a group/aux and send this to the ME system – this has the benefit of giving control over FX as a whole to the ME user, but does not take up as many ME channels as sending all FX returns separately.


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    Thank you very much Keith !
    I got the “insert” method working great. Only thing I have to adjust the Wet levels from my SQ-6, which is fine, but giving FX level control to the artist in the vocal booth via ME-1 would be ideal. I think that is what your 3rd bullet is meant to address correct? I am still struggling with all the I/O possibilities so if you don’t mind, can you expand just a bit on how I would achieve that? ie. Select AUX 1, move FX1RTN fader to Unity, select FX Mix etc.. or go in I/O screen – Outputs – FXRacks – patch to FX1RtnL to ME-1 channel xxx

    The thing that confuses me is, with the ME-1 the AUX mix are not in play correct ? Without the ME, I use a headphone amp and feed it AUX1, AUX2 mixes etc.. but with ME-1 all the local inputs are automatically populated so it’s just turning up Local IP9 from the ME-1 volume knob.. no AUX involved right ?

    Apologies for all the dumb questions, it’s not easy to understand all the permutations etc..

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    Oh, and just want to add that the FX insert on the vocal channel only works on main LR mix and AUX mix that I push vocal fader into, not in ME. I can control Volume only on ME, even with WET at -3 on the vocal channel insert, it’s bone dry in ME-1.

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