SD (and possibly USB?) Multitrack Recording/Playback: Allow custom track mapping

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    I looked and didn’t see this suggested, but I might have missed it. I’m hoping that it is possible to something like this in the future (or if it is currently possible, but I haven’t found it yet!).

    Some background (that I believe is right, but I’m not 100% sure):
    The view where one can arm/select tracks to record currently has a set mapping (1 to 1) for the input channels and some limited mapping to other tracks (above the count of input channels) for the “mix” channels. This works well for me to get the tracks recorded to the SD card. However, when I wish to playback the SD tracks, I believe that I am currently restricted to hearing the audio from the recorded input channels on their matching channel numbers (by switching the channels I want to hear from from analog to USB/SD input source). I don’t think that I can play back the additional SD Tracks that I have recorded.

    What I would like is something like this for the multi-track recording/playback:

    On the HOME -> RECORD -> Multitrack screen, I would like to be able to have the option to:

    – Select a track from the tracks greater than the largest input channel
    – For that track, choose a “Map to Input Channel ->” option to override the 1 to 1 mapping of the
    SD Track # to Input Channel
    – Display some indication that this override mapping is in effect on the track display

    So, for example, (on the CQ-18T, which I have) tracks 23 and 24 (Main LR left and right channel tracks) could be mapped (in place of tracks 17 and 18) to the ST IN L and ST IN R “input channels”… So I could playback the previously recorded Main LR tracks on the ST IN tracks.

    There might be a reason to do this for the USB multitrack recording/playback setup as well, but from a DAW one can handle mapping of audio tracks to output tracks there.

    Also, it would be awesome if there was a way to handle this in a more versatile way (like allow USB/SD Channel mapping in the CONFIG -> INPUTS screen, or supporting other routing options), but I don’t know if the hardware support is there for it. This idea sounds like it might be something that can be done entirely in software (the digital audio track to audio input channel routing selection logic might be all (re-)programmable.

    Anyway, just my thoughts as a happy customer wanting a little bit more versatility in the routing! Aux sends/returns, DCA groups, mute groups, etc. would be wonderful to have, but I don’t expect too much more in that area for this category of mixer. Maybe something like this is doable in a firmware/software update?

    Thanks for the quality gear and for listening to user feedback!

    – Dwayne

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    I come from using the QU and SQ lines that allow custom channel mapping. To have 24/24 virtual channels on CQ and NOT allow custom mapping is crippling.

    It seems A&H can’t accept that limiting the CQ series to 16, 18, and 20 physical channels is enough to keep this line from competing with upper lines. Too bad they choose to strip other digital features from this series. In my estimation, they would clearly dominate the market at this channel count / price point. And yes, I’d have paid an extra few $100 to have custom routing, mute groups, and midi control. I may yet sell my CQ20 for a used Qu-SB even tho I’d never need 32 channels and would give up 10 years of advances (Auto Gain, FBA, etc).

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