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    JR Richardson

    Kia ora koutou (Hi Everyone),

    I’m new to A&H digital and seeking some advice for a matter I can’t seem to resolve alone/with manuals.

    I’ve set up softkeys for scene management for a theatre show I’m prepping on Avantis.
    I have four in total, assigned to forward, back, Go, and Store.
    Auto-increment is selected in the soft-key assignment for my physical go button, and in the options for the scene manager pane.

    This all typically works as expected: When I hit go, the next scene is recalled and the one after that is preselected. I can also manually shift the next cue selected up/down the list with Previous/next soft-keys.

    However, it all goes pear-shaped with Store.
    My intent to provide the function of modifying the currently active scene by use of a softkey.

    Using the store button in the scene manager pane, this functions as I expect, however my softkey yields no visible response from the console, AND further control over the scene manager via softkeys is no longer possible.

    In playing around, I have discovered that then storing something via the scenes pane will return the ability to continue to use my soft keys – Until I hit the store one, of course!!

    I’m quite perplexed, but perhaps I’m going about this wrong.
    In any case, I welcome your advice on the correct way to achieve this outcome.

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    I’m not sure, but as I understand it…
    if you press Store, there should be a pop up message that says Scene XX stored
    and it stores to the last recalled scene
    the Next/Previous buttons only select the next recallable scene

    I tested it with a Director offline and it worked as far as I can say…

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    JR Richardson

    Yes, I get that message when using the touchscreen buttons in the scenes Pane.
    Not with a soft-key assigned to that function though – Is that what you were able to do?

    I’ve attached a copy of the show file I am playing around with anyone is curious to see what I mean.
    Softkeys are assigned:
    19 – Back
    20 – Next
    21 – Store
    22 – Go

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