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    Is it possible to mark the input routing of a single channel as “safe”?

    Example: I’ve got a broadcast show with 15+ scenes for all the acts. In between is moderation and interviews (this part is fixed for the entire show). In order to have a smooth transition between acts and interviews I marked all channels related to the “in between” part of the show as “safe” so they don’t get touched by the scene recall for the acts.

    However: When I now need to change the input routing of a interview channel after all the act scenes have been saved this will get overwritten by a scene recall, although the channel itself is “safe”.
    Upon further investigation I found that the input patchbay can only be marked as “safe” globaly. Is there any workaround for this?

    I found posts from the iLive with exactly the same requests, is this still not possible?

    Or how would you deal with this? It’s not possible to recall a scene for the moderation part since they need to interact with the acts (aka the acts scene needs to stay active for an overlapping time).

    Ideally there should be a new “safe” option for the channels called “input routing” which blocks routing updates for that particular channel. The global “input patchbay” option then simply enabled this entry for all channels (similar to the DCA assignment)

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