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    Hi all

    I have a problem. With the Dante shortage, I am waiting on a Dante card for my DM0. The way the system is designed is to bring all Dante audio in and sent back out after mixing via the DM0. As a temporary work around, I was thinking to route the Dante into the S7000 and then send it out over Gigaace to the DM0 for mixing, then back to the S7000 over the Gigaace and then Dante out of the S7000? Is this possible?
    My apologies, I am not very familiar with Allen & Heath, in fact this is the first time I have setup one of these systems.


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    If you have a Dante card in the S7000, then yes you can use “Tielines” to route things around to the DM0.

    Under the TieLine Tabs in “Routing”

    In the S7000 Input Routing Tab
    S7000 Dante Card Inputs –> GigaAce Card
    In the DM0 Input Routing Tab
    GigaAce Card –> DM0 destinations

    In the DM0 Output Routing Tab
    DM0 –> GigaAce Card
    In the S7000 Output Routing Tab
    GigaAce Card –> S7000 Dante Card Outputs

    etc, etc, etc,

    The only “downside” to this method is that it adds slightly more latency because signals have to be routed through the GigaAce card. If you routed Dante In/Out at each device, it would have slightly less latency. However the GigaAce routing speed is extremely fast and will not cause issues. Just be aware of the difference and account for it if necessary.

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    Thanks so much for the info, this means I can have a temporary work-around until my DM0 Dante card arrives!

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    Nicola A&H

    Just to clarify a couple of points, if you have a Dante card in the S7000, you don’t need to ‘route’ these signals to the DM0. Brian is overcomplicating things here.
    The dLive system as a whole will recognize the S7000 Dante card as one of 5x I/O Ports available. You can assign these Dante inputs directly to any channel, and you can send any mix or direct out etc. directly to the Dante card. The system patching and routing is identical to the scenario where the card sits in the DM0. All Surface <-> MixRack routing is automatically handled. It’s just another I/O card for all intents and purposes.

    Brian is correct on one point however: the roundtrip latency will be affected by the extra gigaACE transport, adding around 100us (~50us each way), but this is nothing compared to the default latency of Dante which is set to 1ms.

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