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    Hi there

    Can anyone help???

    I have a rock solid Windows 10 Laptop (previously Win7) / QU-16 setup which has worked flawlessly for over 2 and a half years. The main use is for backing track playback for a vocal group.

    I have been using the on-board USB 2.0 port for streaming to ST3 on the QU-16 and the output has always been perfect.

    I was out gigging on Friday & Saturday night. There were no issues on Friday but on Saturday during the sound check I heard some clicking whilst a backing track was playing and then the laptop stopped ‘seeing’ the mixer and the backing track stopped playing.

    I tried all the following to get the two devices to work with each other but had no joy,

    Disconnect / Reconnect the USB cable
    Replace the USB cable
    Reboot the mixer
    Reboot the laptop

    Looking in Device Manager, it reported an issue with the QU-16 saying it couldn’t load the drivers as the previous drivers were still in memory (even after a reboot).

    I uninstalled the drivers (version 3.34.0) and installed an earlier version (V2.20.53) and then I could get things working. It then thankfully continued to work for the rest of the evening and I thought that was that!!

    On Sunday morning, I put the QU-16 back into my studio and all seemed well for about 5 minutes and then, bang, the same thing happened.

    Something appears to be crashing the QU-16 drivers. Nothing other than the usual OS updates has changed on the Laptop for ages.

    I’ve tried using various apps for playback but all have the same issue so it’s a ‘system’ level issue.

    So, bad mixer? bad USB port (the laptop only has one USB 2.0 port [and 2x USB3]) so I can’t try another USB port on the laptop.

    Any help or tales of similar experiences appreciated.

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    perri meracelli

    R U sure this isn`t the WIN 10. as windows updates, I get more and more trouble, and I also read raport other say the same . Thsi Beta / mafia-run system, forcing people to install things only for a sales machine. I personally hate win 10, and this policy. If I did not already order a now computer, I would have bought a Mac.
    …I really dont know, but, just sugestion


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