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    Hi there,
    Hoping someone can help?

    I made a show multitrack recording using SQdrive to a faithful USB 2.0 drive.
    All but Track 1 (lead vocals) of the recorded tracks were fine (1.31gb) each but track 1 initially would not copy off my drive.. I unmounted the drive, applied Mac OS Disk util FirstAid then remounted the drive..
    The file could now be copied but is 66kb 🙁

    I had no power issues during the show and I did stop the recording before powering down.
    No prior issues with this drive and all other tracks in the recording are fine.

    One thing I did not do was re-format the drive fresh for the show..?
    Also I changed scene half way through without stopping / restarting the recording. Is this a no-no?

    Any thoughts as to a likely explanation?
    Any ideas of how I might recover the file?

    Frustrating because now I don’t trust the desk’s ability to record to SQDrive (with this hard drive anyway)
    Thanks for any thoughts you might have

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    One thing I did not do was re-format the drive fresh for the show..?

    In all of the years I have used the Q Drive to record to,I ALLWAYS formatted in the desk before a show.
    Sure I don’t have an SQ only used multiples of QU but never had any issues

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    Yeh- thanks Dave..
    This was the first time ever that I did not reformat my USB2.0 harddrive before recording a show over QU/SQ Drive.
    Perhaps that was the issue.
    Real shame that I lost the lead vocals of Friday’s show 🙁

    And now I don’t trust that configuration.

    One thing you can do with QU that you can’t with SQ is stream to USB B port and the QUDrive at the same time.. that redundancy gave me confidence when it was a critical recording

    And now I’m not quite sure what to do because I do get asked to record shows a lot– it’s something you want to be able to just set and forget 🙁

    I am trying the USB streaming to my laptop again but it’s not USB 2.0 it’s USB C so I am trying a USB3 to USB C external hub and a fast SSD USB C external drive on my Macbook Pro with Reaper. It seemed to drop out a bit at 96kHz but maybe at 48Khz it will be better.. I’m doing a long “soak” test and will see.

    Moving away from the USB option to Dante or similar is heinously expensive 🙁

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    only for your Information:

    I’m doing recordings with 48kHz directly to my 1TB Seagate SSD via USB3.

    Now I’ve done over 50 Recordings, most of the time the duration is over 1h.

    Never had any problems.

    The most critical thing is the routing in the IO Tap! But you have to check the levels in the recording Tap or in the “Meter” -> “USB” Tap.
    I think this is very important to recheck the routing via the metering!

    When I’m doing critical recording’s I use also the Dante card to record on the Laptop.

    Hope that you’ll get every track in future!
    All the best,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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