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    Hi there,
    Hoping someone can help?

    I made a show multitrack recording using SQdrive to a faithful USB 2.0 drive.
    All but Track 1 (lead vocals) of the recorded tracks were fine (1.31gb) each but track 1 initially would not copy off my drive.. I unmounted the drive, applied Mac OS Disk util FirstAid then remounted the drive..
    The file could now be copied but is 66kb 🙁

    I had no power issues during the show and I did stop the recording before powering down.
    No prior issues with this drive and all other tracks in the recording are fine.

    One thing I did not do was re-format the drive fresh for the show..?
    Also I changed scene half way through without stopping / restarting the recording. Is this a no-no?

    Any thoughts as to a likely explanation?
    Any ideas of how I might recover the file?

    Frustrating because now I don’t trust the desk’s ability to record to SQDrive (with this hard drive anyway)
    Thanks for any thoughts you might have

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    One thing I did not do was re-format the drive fresh for the show..?

    In all of the years I have used the Q Drive to record to,I ALLWAYS formatted in the desk before a show.
    Sure I don’t have an SQ only used multiples of QU but never had any issues

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    Yeh- thanks Dave..
    This was the first time ever that I did not reformat my USB2.0 harddrive before recording a show over QU/SQ Drive.
    Perhaps that was the issue.
    Real shame that I lost the lead vocals of Friday’s show 🙁

    And now I don’t trust that configuration.

    One thing you can do with QU that you can’t with SQ is stream to USB B port and the QUDrive at the same time.. that redundancy gave me confidence when it was a critical recording

    And now I’m not quite sure what to do because I do get asked to record shows a lot– it’s something you want to be able to just set and forget 🙁

    I am trying the USB streaming to my laptop again but it’s not USB 2.0 it’s USB C so I am trying a USB3 to USB C external hub and a fast SSD USB C external drive on my Macbook Pro with Reaper. It seemed to drop out a bit at 96kHz but maybe at 48Khz it will be better.. I’m doing a long “soak” test and will see.

    Moving away from the USB option to Dante or similar is heinously expensive 🙁

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