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    I am looking for a written or video guide series for the Qu series boards. I’ve done some searching but I don’t see any that look exceptionally good. Do any of you experts on this forum have a recommendation for me? I volunteer to run sound at my church and I have very little clue of what I’m doing… Our system was set up professionally and I just can’t make sense of the sends and groups. I probably just need to make my own scene from scratch in a way that makes sense to me.

    Please keep in mind that I am not a sound technician and I don’t have a great understanding of sound engineering terminology. Any tips or helpful beginner guides that you guys could point me to would be helpful. I do have a very good understanding of computers and a fair understanding of programming, so this isn’t all completely foreign to me… but I need help!

    I appreciate any help you all could provide.

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    Matthew. Did your installer offer any training? They should have unless they don’t know sound engineering or mixing. I find this is often the case. I spend time with my customers trying my best to teach them from my 40+ years of live, TV and studio engineering. Buying equipment is the easy part. Understanding it is quite different. Where are you located?

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    What level of experience *do* you have?
    Who chose the QU?

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    Have you been to and scrolled down to the “tutorials” section? What is it about the sends/groups you don’t understand? Is it a pre/post, assign/un-assign thing, or is it a “should I use groups or DCAs” thing? Are any of those terms familiar to you?

    Are you familiar with analogue systems and you’re just having trouble adjusting to digital?

    Is it that you know what you want the mix to sound like, but don’t know how to go about achieving it on the Qu series? Which Qu do you have; 16, 24, 32 or Pac?

    Is it that the Qu series looks like an intimidating piece of technology, and as someone who is into computers and technology you’ve been nominated as the sound man, but you don’t really know what you should be aiming for in terms of what the mix should sound like?

    Sorry if any of that sounded condescending, I don’t mean it to be, but I’m sure many of us on here could write essays explaining mixing FOH vs mons, when to use pre or post fade sends, when to use groups or DCAs (or both) and how things should be routed/processed etc, but we could save a whole lot of time if you ask specific questions. I know you did ask a specific question in the thread title and first sentence of the OP, and there are videos out there, but if you were to ask a specific question such as “when should I use a pre-fade send” or “how do I get reverb in the monitors,” then we can tailor our answers to suit.

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    The A&H tutorials are pretty good. For my own PA team at church I decided a bit more was needed so I made my own series of videos. They were produced a bit quickly (hence no decent script) and they are aimed at a small team progressing from an analogue desk for a specific set of circumstances but I offer them here as a possible help.

    (follow the links for the next 3 videos).


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    you did a very nice job on your videos, I am proud of you!


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    For what it is worth, if it ain’t to late 🙂

    I found many video tutorials on Youtube, simply search for any keywords relating to your model on youtube,
    like “Allen & Heath QU”, “A&H QU”, “QU Mixers”, “QU Digital”, “QU Mixing Desks” etc.


    Hi there. I have just produced a video course on the Qu series. You can find it here…

    Allen and Heath Qu Series Video Tutorial (Qu-16, Qu-24, Qu-32, Qu-SB, Qu-Pac)

    Cheers, David Wills,

    Qu Series Mixer Training

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