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    I am new to bigger Live events. so i was learning about scenes and i came across this weird confusion.

    What is the difference between Global safe and Recall filter in Dlive systems?

    Does both of them does the same job while recalling or changing scene ?

    Kindly bear with me if it is a stupid question.


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    A global safe stays in place for all scenes, whereas a filter is specific to a particular scene.

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    One thing to know about dLive scenes – there is a “base scene” #65535 that appears to represent the current state of the mixrack at all times, including bus configuration and items not recallable in scenes. When you save / recall a show, this scene is always saved and is the basis for everything that is global/role safe or masked off by recall filters when a show is loaded. There is nothing you can do directly with this scene, it is always the mixrack state at the point of the save.

    It also means, unlike other desks, you can save a show with no scenes stored and still have it recall to the point where it was saved.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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