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    Hey all – please help with my struggles? (i hope everyone is well!)
    As stated a QU32 and a network of x5 ME500’s – i simply want to select a button on my ME500’s that will control the FX1 (verb) – returns. and a second button for FX 2 (delay) – return. And – a click track (pulled from my DAW – i guess)

    Please see pics.

    First, i am able to achieve this but the mapping seems wrong. I seem to be getting both FX1 and FX2 return mixed to button 14. I believe its because my FX sends faders do not react when switching between FX’s – is this as designed? The only option is to keep all 4 FX sends up to unity but i believe this is the reason why i can not separate the verb on one button and the delay on the other

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    sorry – pics too large (in this day and age? 🙂

    trying again

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    wow – appears this forum is a struggle as well. 405kb file is ‘too large’ and only 1024kb is allowed. Its the new math, i guess

    anyway – can someone confirm that FX1-FX4 faders are ‘fixed’ and do not respond (move) when selecting thru the FX1 – FX4 (blue) buttons?

    thank you!

    (wow – also got an error telling me to ‘slow down, i move too fast’)

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    trying photos again >:(

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    The MEs will not move the faders on the console, as they are fully stand-alone mixers themselves, not remote control units. The apps will move faders, but the MEs don’t.

    You would want to map the “FX out” from each FX unit to the appropriate ME channels. That’s all that needs to be done.

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    Thank you and sorry for the confusion – i fullt understand the ME500 wont move the faders.

    And i also intuitively set the ‘monitor out’ for button 14 to ‘FX1/L return’ but no sound appears on button 14 (me500)

    I see LED activity on the QU for FX1 send/return and also in the FX window as well, just nothing coming to the button 14 on the ME 🙁

    Any clues on what to check?

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    KeithJ A&H

    @tom (love the avatar pic btw)

    What else do you have patched to the ME500?
    I’m wondering if the auto configuration of the ME500 is why the FX might not be showing up where you expect (?)

    Unlike the ME-1, where it’s possible to assign any of the incoming audio channels to any key (and/or use groups), the ME500 picks up the channels in the order they’re received and assigns them to keys sequentially.
    Mono channels are assigned to individual keys and stereo channels sent to odd/even pairs are also assigned to individual keys.
    Stereo channels are ‘flagged’ as stereo automatically by the Qu, for input channels this is when they’ve been linked. You can see this show as a white block connecting two stereo channels in the I/O Patch > Monitor screen.
    This is how it’s possible to mix up to 16 mono channels, 16 stereo channels (32 total channels) or some combination of mono and stereo channels with a ME500.

    Some examples:
    If you only patched LR to Monitor outputs 4&5, L would auto assign to ME-500 key#1 and R would show up on key#2 because you’ve patched to even/odd instead of odd/even.
    If you only patched LR to 9&10 then LR would be stereo on key#1.
    If you patch 4 mono channels to 1,2,3,4 and a stereo channel to 5&6, these would appear on the first 5 keys.

    So the numbers you see on the Qu Monitor patch screen are not actually the key numbers for a connected ME, but are the 40 possible signals you can send out to a ME system (ME-U, ME-1, ME500).
    They just happen to match the key numbers if you only have mono channels patched and are using a ME500 (or auto mode on a ME-1).


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    Holy smokes Keefer! I believe you nailed it! I did not fully understand the stereo return to a single ME500 button and now will do some more testing!

    I assumed that button 14 would be assigned to FX1/L and button 15 would be FX2/L – but from what you are saying – the ME500 would automatically make button 15 FX1/R ?

    Without being in front of the board i ask, ‘do i want my performers managing two buttons for some simple reverb?’

    ok, let me re-think this and THANK YOU for the response! will report back

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