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    Hi. Firstly let me just say that the problem with my QU32 is probably an isolated incident but as this was my only desk, it was a big incident for me.
    I purchased my QU32 from a well done German based company along with their flightcase and the A&H AR168. I tested the equipment in my unit and everything was fine. After only 2 weeks (and only 2 events) I noticed that I was getting loud bangs/cracks down all channels, even those not connected to the AR168. This would also cause temporary loss with the stage box and thus stop the performance. At first I put this down to cables so replaced the cat5 drum and patch cables for more expensive models but the problem persisted. After speaking to Audio Technica it was agreed that the AR168 must be at fault so I returned this to the company I purchased them from and they returned it saying that it was caused by outdated firmware. Unfortunately the problem still continued so I purchased another AR168 to which I still had the same problems so I was then certain that it was not the AR168. However, Audio Technica again insisted that I return the AR168 for an exchange, which I did and as you can guess,,,the problem was still there.
    Now however, I was only able to use 1 AR168 at a time as the 2nd AR168 would not sync/lock in even if I swapped the units round in order. I also noticed that just a slight touch of the cat5 socket at the rear of the desk would cause me to lose all connection with the AR168. Based on this and after speaking to Audio Technica it was agreed that the desk was faulty and that the socket/board is most likely at fault.
    The German company agreed to transfer my warranty to Audio Technica UK to help speed up repair time as this is my only desk and without it I can not work. Audio Technica’s returns department informed me that they were back logged with repairs (that does not fill me with confidence) and that they could not tell me when they could even look at my desk nor how long the repair would take. As you can imagine, this has left me with a QU32 that works fine with analogue inputs but no use with any digital stage box. Unable to lose my desk for any time I stumbled through the next few weeks by keeping the desk at the side of the stage and completing my events using an iPad as FOH. Not very professional but what else could I do? I offered Audio Technica to let me purchase another QU32 from them at full price while mine is repaired and then refund me that amount when mine if fixed but I was told that as I did not have trade account with them that this was not an option. I felt very let down at this point.

    On a positive note, I was recently offered another desk from another manufacturer at a price which I could not refuse and after explaining to them the situation my desk had put me in, they helped out and got it to me very quick and at a very good price. I purchased this desk and informed my clients that my business would be back to normal and that I had a new desk with better support.

    The story does not stop here though. I contacted the German company to explain all of the above and that I really did not want the desk any more as it was not fit for full use and that I was willing to take a loss on the 2 AR168’s and the flightcase but I requested a refund on the desk. I was told that I only had 30 days from original purchase (March 2015) to get a refund.
    I can appreciate that they do not want to give me a refund but they did sell me a desk that was not fully functional and I feel very let down by Audio Technica and A&H for allowing my QU32 to leave their factory.

    The German supplier have agreed to collect the unit and attempt to fix the problem but this could take up to 8 weeks!
    It would be nice if A&H stepped in and took back this faulty unit but until then I urge ANYONE who has purchased a QU desk to try them with a digital box ASAP as you may only discover the problem when its too late.

    Opinions welcome.

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    What firmware was in the desk? Did you update the console to the latest firmware?
    I’m not sure what role Audio Technica played in this scenario you describe, unless they are either the German company to which you refer or you are confusing Audio Technica with Allen & Heath.

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    Dick Rees

    I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic, but if you’re in business and your clients are depending on you for time-critical service/performance, you MUST have back-up…no matter what the brand or piece of equipment. I ALWAYS have spares for all mission-critical pieces of gear.

    It’s just good business and being responsible to your customers.

    Good luck in the future.

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    The firmware was/is the latest version but the problem is hardware related and not firmware unfortunately. Audio Technica are the distributors for Allen & Heath in the UK and any repairs are done with them ( https://www.allen-heath.com/dist_type/united-kingdom/ ).
    I am not a big business and have never relied upon loans to finance as I prefer to own all the equipment outright. I would love to have 2, 3 or more desks but at the moment this is not viable. Maybe in the future?
    Thanks for your well wishes.

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    Johannes Nocker

    Hi Al;

    I´m the German Technical Support.

    Let´s have a call and solve this problem.

    +49 171 9592314



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