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    Hi Everyone,

    We recently purchased a Qu24 for our church. Currently I am using an analog stereo feed to our webcast computer running vMix and control the Qu24 remotely with an iPad as the in house feed mixed by the operator is different than what the webcast requires. Is there a better way than iPad to control the Qu24 remotely? I would like a physical midi control with faders and buttons as the iPad with multiple pages and no physical buttons is a bit fiddily when operating camera and other equipment.

    Also, would an analog audio mix be the best to take or is there a better option?

    Most of our volunteers are seniors with limited technical experience so the easiest way to operate the better.

    Many Thanks

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    We do not use vmix and we find it easiest to send the audio as analog from a mix out (mix78 in our case).

    Our video team sits next to us and, while they could control the mix with QuYou ap, they just ask us to do it if/when needed.
    We push the mix button and slide the fader. EZPZ. I really wish they would do it with the QuYou ap for themselves.

    If you are trying to control something with midi IMHO that would be harder for older folks, like olde me, to use.
    As I have no idea how you would control a camera with midi from a Qu if that is what you implied.

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    Actually I meant to control the Qu24 with a midi controller, with faders. Something like the Behringer X-Touch or some other USB midi controller. I’m already operating the cameras and graphics. I tried using the ipad app to control the qu24, but it just took too much hands to make sure I was touching the correct fader on the screen. I love being able to control with the iPad but for anything other than tweaking it is just a bit too cumbersome for me.

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    I do not use midi with Qu and would not want to try.

    For me the ipad would be the better option, else sit at the Qu and do it directly.
    If you set up the sound to your video gear to come from a mix,
    then you could adjust it with the QuYou ap without messing the LR up.

    If you are also doing video then you really need another volounteer to tweak the sound for you.

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    Mike C

    I’m going to say/guess a properly programmed midi controller would work.

    Are you using a separate mix/aux out to create the live stream mix?

    Remember you would need to be controlling the mix send levels with a midi controller.

    Is the video operator also running the sound for main mix during the service feeding the PA system?

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