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    Hi Everyone,

    We are having an issue with operators turning off the Qu24 without shutting it down properly. We would like to stop them from being able to turn off the board as the physical switch on the back of the unit kills power to the unit. Is there a way people have disabled the power button? Also, can shutdown be disabled as well as I assume it would have to be powered off once a shutdown is initiated or can you boot back in without powering down once it has been shut down.


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @kram82 ,

    Respectfully, this is an issue which can be solved only by educating the operators.
    In operation, all our digital consoles are constantly storing their current state in order that they can boot in that same state (unless a scene is recalled for a user when logging in of course).
    The ‘software’ shutdown ensures that there is no writing to memory or other tasks taking place when the ‘hardware’ power off happens.
    So once the software shutdown has been activated you will need to cycle the (hardware) power to get back to mixing.


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    Absolutely agree. Just didn’t know if there was a lockout option for the physical power switch.

    Many Thanks

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    Put tape over it with a message that you will cut off the fingers of anyone who shuts the Qu off.

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    Had a gig years ago when an audience member didn’t like the support act, and turned the (analogue) desk off. He thought it very funny, until security told him he was leaving.

    Next day, I opened the desk up and bypassed the power switch, so of course it’s never happened to me again!

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