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    Hi there.

    We can’t seem to find any specs for the footswitch on the QU-SB.

    After trying numerous settings via Qu-Pad, a simple contact closure switch (between either Ring & Sleeve or Tip & Sleeve), doesn’t seem to activate the footswitch at all.

    Does it require more than just contact closure?

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    On Qu-Pad, select Settings > Control > Footswitch.
    Here you will the options for what the switch does, and a calibration button.
    Have you been through the calibration process?

    It appears that you can set (for each switch A & B):
    Soft Latch

    However, as I don’t own an SB to experiment with, that’s as much help as I’m able to give but it should point you in the right direction.

    I’d be interested in what the “Soft Latch” setting is for – I could guess at a couple of things, but it would be useful to know 🙂


    Hi there, I happen to have a Behringer AB200 lying around in my basement and I wonder, if our singer could use this to control tap delay time and delay send on and off by foot switch. Unfortunately, I have no clue whatsoever, how to install this and shall appreciate any hint or help.

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    first you should put it on the floor close to the feet of your singer and plug it into the Footswitch socket
    second you should go to QuPad
    under Setup/Control/Footswitch you can configure what the switch can do

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    Just looking at the spec for the AB200, I don’t think it’s designed to work this way.

    Shame the manual does not have a decent diagram of how it’s wired up inside, but I think there’s a workaround.

    Firstly, to use both switches, you’re going to need a TRS to 2xTS cable. This can be plugged into the two middle sockets on the pedal. Then you need to get/make a couple of TS plugs with a short and plug these into B1 & B2. That way, when circuit B is selected, the desk will “see” a short, and when A is selected it will be an open circuit.
    I’d then probably set the switches on the back of the pedal to non latching, then set up the QuSB to match.

    I’d hope that it’s designed to switch when you push the button down, rather than when you let it go for accurate timing, especially if it’s going to be used for tempo tap – not all switches are though and I don’t about this one.

    But I’d be tempted to get/build a more suitable pedal to be honest, given that the pedal needs a battery and is over complicated for this job.

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    Mike C

    I looked up the AB200 as well and had thought about the same work around as well.

    Or get one of these and a small aluminum project box.
    momentary push button


    Works flawlessly. I took a regular insert cable, 1 mono jack (tip) into A1 and the other mono jack (ring) into A2, both on non latch and the TRS jack into the QU-SB. Thanks for your inputs 🙂

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