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    Didn’t we had few early QUs with a bad internal network cable some time ago?
    No Network Connection on Qu-32

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    Okay, I’m here looking for solutions to a problem that seems to be universal for all QU users
    using all manner of wifi configurations, single dual band, Ipad, AIrport, Linksys…you name it.
    That being the dropout of QU connection.

    As I look through these threads, it startles me that there seems to be NO COMMENT from anyone
    from Allen Heath. It seems they need to get a technician on this ASAP. Everyone is having problems,
    in a variety network related settings (DHCD vs STATIC) and so on have had no results. Positioning of router
    seems irrelevant as long as you have connection.

    In my case, I have an excellent connection to my router from my tablet. The router is in a great location.
    There are no problems with my dedicated network and setting, not even an internet connection to interfere.
    I have set networks up for everything from Midas to Behringer to Yamaha to Avid and haven’t faced this sort of misbehavior.. It’s obviously a problem with a glitch in the ALLEN HEATH protocol that is being ignored.

    To have to spend upwards of months chasing different solutions and having different behaviors from this consoles
    LAN/WAN connection is in this day absurd.

    Forum users, I’m not sure if there’d be a way for us to get together and start a petition on the part of users threatening to begin posting as frequently as possible negative reviews of this product since the WIFI is so critically important and the reason why people buy these things.

    So, Allen Heath…fix it or give everyone a refund.

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    Dick Rees


    While complaints on wi-fi connection are common, the problem is often a small thing overlooked in either your network setup or power sequencing. Most of those posting “problems” manage to transcend them by patiently following the suggestions of those of us who do not have connectivity issues.

    Marty America provided a PDF on setting up a functional network with the Airport Express. Folks have found this helpful and the frustrated posts then change to ones of wonder and thanks. I would suggest that, despite your experience to this point with various brands and routers, you try a user-proven solution before retaining counsel.

    I’ll post the link in a moment.

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    Dick Rees


    Give this a try and see if it helps. Best wishes for success.


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    Dick Rees

    In re the comment stating no A&H representative has responded regarding connectivity issues I would refer you to post #56915 from earlier in this very thread, page 2 FYI.

    “Hi all, hope you’re well.

    We test wireless connectivity extensively and with a range of routers and devices, with and without antennae, and in busy wifi “airspace” with 2.4 and 5Ghz traffic.

    We don’t really find that we get dropouts from the accesspoint/router unless we are out of range of the wifi signal. When out of range and the network’s heartbeat can no longer be detected, the orange wifi logo will appear.

    The communication lost message will appear after 15 or so failed attempts to reconnect are made by the app/device.
    Occasionally we have found that the device may still show connection to the wifi network in the settings menu, however we have found that this is usually the device trying to maintain connection even though signal is not strong enough or the wifi connection status has not yet refreshed.

    It’s also possible that the device could also jump to another wifi network if the signal is so low and the device has been connected to another local network, such as a hotspot.

    I frequently gig with Qu-Pad and do find that I get the orange wifi logo flash up from time to time, but this is usually when I am standing amongst the crowd, out of direct line of sight of the router, and given the number of people surrounding me, all with smartphones and local wifi traffic interfering with my connection, this is to be expected occasionally!
    However, I don’t find that it drops out more than once or twice in a show.

    We really need to quantify which ipad/touch device models, app versions/mixer firmware, router models each person is using to see if there are any common devices here.

    Please do not post this information into the forum thread, but if you are having continuous issues contact support@allen-heath.com directly where we will be able to gather data and deal with each case more effectively!

    Thanks all and have a great weekend.

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    Dick Rees
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    Dick Rees
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    Hi all,
    I have the problem with sometime losing connection of QU-PAD too. Every time I record the session to USB Stick, connected via USB Cable.
    My WLAN Router (is standing directly under and inside the QU-16 at the right side (near USB stick – connected via USB cable to QU-16 USB Port) – Only the antenna is outside the QU-16.
    Now I change the routers place to the left and under the QU-16 and no connection loss, Problem are interferences USB – WLAN ??
    I will take a try in the future and at live sessions too.
    Kind regards

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    Man…. I am sort of with Jay on this one.

    Our QuPac serves our choir loft at church, and it constantly disconnects. I need to get an equipment list put together to approach tech support, but it seems like complete nonsense that folks are delighted that the “ran 10 shows without a disconnect”. What the heck? This stuff should be bombproof. And it isn’t.

    At the very least, I wish A&H would provide a best-model solution (tablet type, router / access point, firmware versions, and network settings) that work 100%.

    We have a large church, and we get a loft full of talent, and the last thing our liturgist needs is for the system to disconnect in the middle of a service. And yet it happens again and again. We have been having this problem for over a year, and the contractor that we purchased this from, Sound and Signal Albuquerque, is at a loss as well.

    We have been throwing equipment at this problem with new routers and configurations and it isn’t getting better.

    I simply can’t understand why this works so poorly, or how this can be justifiably acceptable.

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    Dick Rees

    Go back a few posts in this thread to post #61261. This is the setup I use. Everyone who has tried it MAKING NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE GEAR AND INSTRUCTIONS seems to have succeeded. The only thing in addition is deploying the Airport Express at a height sufficient for line-of-sight transmission.

    Those who have continued to experience problems when trying this setup have invariably not followed the instructions to the letter, have buried the WAP somehow or have had unrealistic expectations either for distance or the ability of the signal to penetrate walls.

    Good luck.

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    Mike C

    Here is what works for me on my Qu-Pac:

    – TP link Archer C7 wifi router, I also have a Netgear R7000, both work equally as well.
    – Only use the 5g connection
    – The 2.4g is turned off
    – Hidden SSID
    – Static IP address set on the QU-Pac
    – iPads are Air 2’s
    – Keep the router up so it has a somewhat line of site to the iPad.

    If your only using a 2.4g router that will be the biggest part of your problem.
    I also feel I get a slightly better connection and control response by not using using an encrypted secure connection.
    Outdoor I can get upwards to a solid 125 feet with this set up.

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    There is no single best network solution.

    Go and find a WLAN specialist, or an integrator who can bring in the relevant skills.
    It’s only an IP connection…

    I *do* think that they should be more aggressive at resuming connections and remembering IP addresses/passwords – but the fundamental connection is fine if you have a half decent network.

    i run a Gen1 Airport Express which I got for £10 off ebay.
    I can’t recall the last time I saw a ‘disconnected’ message (other than when I’ve gone outside to get some air during a break and lost signal – to control background music only – for obvious reasons)

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    Have anyone investigated the possibility of using a router and this special lightning cable? https://redpark.com/lightning-ethernet-cable/

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    Have anyone investigated the possibility of using a router and this special lightning cable? https://redpark.com/lightning-ethernet-cable/

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    I suspect that if the Qu-pac app developers included the Redsocket SDK into the ipad app, the above cable would work as a direct cable connector to the qu-pac. That would be awesome.

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