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    Howdy folks,

    There was an earlier thread on this, but no real answers that I could see, and that thread was getting a little old, so I thought I’d start a new one.

    I am trying to get DAW control going with PreSonus’ Studio One (v3, FWIW). I have DAW Control 1.3 installed and configured according to A & H’s instructions, and have setup two HUI devices in Studio One’s Preferences>>External Devices. Device 1 is set to DAW Control 1 I/O, and Device 2 is set to DAW control 2 I/O.

    Fader movements on the Qu show up in Studio One, but are very slow, jerky, and unreliable. Automation writing is out of the question. Moving a fader (say track 1) in the DAW results in fader movement on the board for both channels 1 and 9.

    Anyone out there got this figures out with S1?? I sure would appreciate some help from someone who has got it figured out. Seems like I’m ALMOST there.

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    Bueller? Anyone?

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    not enough information…
    wich OS runs your DAW
    how do you connected the DAW to the desk
    wich interface do you use for control

    HUI devices have only 8 channels, so it seems both devices control the first 8 channels

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    iMac 27″ mid-2010, 2.93GHz i7, 8GB RAM, OS 10.10.4
    running presonus’ studio one v3.0.2 build 34331 as DAW
    attempting to control the daw with qu-16 via usb b connection to host
    using A & H DAW control 1.3.0

    does this help?

    my guess is that i don’t quite have the correct settings going yet. haven’t had any luck yet getting info from studio one forum. if i get this figured out, i’ll spread the word on details in both forums. i’ve seen others looking for help in both places, but no helpful info discovered as of yet.

    thanks for chiming in, stiffen.

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    you should change the MIDI I/O in order…
    like in the Cubase setup
    S1 behaves often like Cubase in terms of configuration

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    The symptoms you have are exactly the same as mine. I can install the Qu mixer, but the faders will not respond correctly to the movement on screen nor with the on screen faders respond correctly to the physical fader movement. And yes, you cannot read or write automation. I believe this is a known issue with the Qu mixers as a DAW controller with Studio One. I’ve tried everything including installing a standard non profiled “control surface’ within Studio one then manually mapping each possible knob or fader. It worked, but the desk wouldn’t show the on screen fader movement. There is known an issue using S1. I spoke with tech support on the phone, they simply don’t recommend using it. That was the reason I bought a brand new Qu mixer last week. I had to give up in the end and stuck it on eBay. Brilliant mixer, dreadful DAW controller

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    David Haughton

    Hi All, Studio One is not currently supported by A&H DAW control. Qu provides a complete solution for those requiring an integrated digital mixer, audio interface and the bare essentials for DAW control. For advanced plug in control an additional mapped controller would be required.

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    Sorry to raise this from the dead. But has anyone ever gotten this to work with Studio One? I tried it with my SQ and was not successful so I was wondering if I did something wrong or if it just plain doesn’t work.


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    maybe I’m late but I share this video tutorial

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