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    Mozart Amadeus

    We are currently using Qu-24 for our church. We use it for FOH and Live stream. We are not much developed in audio engineering, after learning a little, we finally learned to ring out feedbacks. We decided to move to new house and I require basic advices to set this up.

    Before moving, I will let you know our current situation:
    1. We use multiple mic for choir, 1 Mic for lead singer, a electronic keyboard and electric drum pads.
    2. We also decided to add Bass guitar.
    3. We use Windows OS and OBS to live stream the output from Qu-24. (We use different Mix for USB B output and LR for in house. We are dual operators)
    4. We also have multiple FOH speakers and monitors.

    So far, we have faced this problems: (or we don’t know to do that)
    1. We don’t know to setup FX for USB B streaming as well as LR at the same time.
    2. In our FOH speakers, we experience high bass for lead singer, so we reduced bass in Parametric EQ but it makes USB B output flat for that person.
    3. USB B streaming audio was too low but in OBS the meter shows red color (even distort) the audio, but the sound is too low. (We tried adjusting gain for that person in Parametric EQ but it also affects Main speakers)
    4. We experience low quality sound in USB B outputs, what is optimal way of accessing mixer output in PC (using soundcard, aux cables or USB B is a good choice ?)

    Since, I am not a technical person, I request you to include steps in solution.
    I appreciate your patience in reading this, thank you very much.

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    Mike C

    To be honest that would be a lot to do over a message board. You may be better off to find a true pro audio person that could come to your church and do some hands on training while going through the set up on your mixer.

    At one time or another those issues have be already discussed here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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