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    The descriptions of what the app is are extremely detailed, however, I have been unable to determine what exactly the relationship between the board and the app is exactly. I realize it is for personal monitor mixing, and that is great, but how does it interact directly? Is it just for changing levels? What exactly is meant by “Both the user and the desk can listen to the mix”? This is where its description gets muddy. I want to know if One can plug headphones into the iPad and get the mix sound? If not, then what wireless personal monitoring system would be adequate for use with the Allen and Heath QU-24. There is little to no information on this subject, and it has been quite the dig just to find these apps. To any help and suggestions, I appreciate it greatly.

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    The app you need is QU-YOU. Not the GLD One Mix.

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    But you can’t use headphone out from iPad (or any other tablet/phone)

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    QuYou is a remote control which is limited to changing the levels directed to mix outputs.

    this means that the engineer can still assist you (since they can control the board as normal) but that you can set your own in ear levels.

    The mix output still has to be routed to your in ears though (I wouldn’t let a musician loose with Qu-You on a wedge!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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