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    Can anyone direct me as to how to swap channels? For example I have a vocal mic on channel 7 and want to move it (and all its parameters) to channel 3 such that channel 3 is now channel 7. If I read correctly the copy/paste will overwrite.

    Thank You!

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    Yes, you can copy and paste parameters and processing settings, but you cannot repatch the input from channel 3 to channel 7. You cannot repatch local inputs on the Qu-16. You can assign inputs only on one of the A&H snake boxes, such as an AB168.
    So if you want to move the channel input you must either use an AB168 or repatch the inputs on the back of the board.

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    Thanks. I guess I was only concerned with the moving the parameters without overwriting not rerouting the physical mapping. So if Channel 3 has a guitar plugged in with a particular EQ setting and Channel 7 has a vocal mic with particular EQ setings I will swap the physical cables by want to copy 7’s settings to 3’s and 3’s to 7’s.

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    That’s what I use the Custom layer for.
    Have any channels/inputs show up on whatever fader you want them on.
    I bring the FX Returns in towards the end of the faders so I can tweak levels without having to switch layers.

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    David Haughton

    @mhb22079 Hi Progmr, as per Rob’s recommendation, I’d use the custom layer for exactly that. It’s gotten me out of a lot of trouble when I haven’t been able to re-patch cables, but I wanted to put the channel within my layout “logic”! Use the copy/paste functions or save the channel setting for each channel to the user library. This way you can easily recall the preset wherever you place the channel.
    Hope this helps.

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    Either that – or use a spare channel:
    Copy 7 to 16, 3 to 7, 16 to 3

    Or save it as a library.

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